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Breast Augmentation

What’s Breast Augmentation?

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 by Make_Me_Heal_Team  on Apr 19, 2011 9:58:04 AM
The decision to undergo a breast augmentation surgery is a personal one. Patients often mentions reasons such as enhancing their appearance and boosting self-confidence when they come in for breast implants. If the main reason a woman wants this type of procedure done is pleasing someone else, I recommend her to reconsider the surgery. The ultimate goal of any breast augmentation surgery is natural looking enhanc


A Breast Augmentation, (Mammoplasty) is a surgical procedure to reshape the breast in order to make it larger. Women may choose to under go breast enlargement surgery for various reasons. These personal reasons may center around breasts that are perceived to be under developed, or because of differences in the sizes of the breasts or from changes after pregnancy or breast feeding. Some women may be happy with their breasts but just want them made fuller. Often after weight loss, aging or childbirth a woman's breast volume and shape may change. Breast implant surgery performed by cosmetic plastic surgeons is the most popular way to improve breast shape and size. Breast enhancement using breast implants can give a woman more proportional shape and may improve self esteem. Breast Augmentation also corrects issues of breast asymmetry and is commonly performed to restore breast volume and shape after weight loss or pregnancy. Augmentation using breast implants may also be used for breast reconstruction to restore and reconstruct a breast or breasts that have been lost due to mastectomy, injury or other reasons.

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