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Breast Augmentation

What’s Breast Augmentation?

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The decision to undergo a breast augmentation surgery is a personal one. Patients often mentions reasons such as enhancing their appearance and boosting self-confidence when they come in for breast implants. If the main reason a woman wants this type of procedure done is pleasing someone else, I recommend her to reconsider the surgery. The ultimate goal of any breast augmentation surgery is natural looking enhancement so that you can look and feel great in and out of your clothes.

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure and typically takes one to two hours. The first step to a new you is booking a consultation with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon in your area and making the necessary preparations for your recovery time. Make sure your surgeon does many cases of breast enhancement each month - a trained plastic surgeon develops techniques that can help to heal faster and achieve a more natural result.

Immediately after the breast augmentation procedure, your breasts will be placed in a tight-fitting surgical wrap. This wrap will help reduce the swelling. Make sure you have a friend or family member to give you a ride home from the hospital or the private practice (ask a friend to stay with you for the first day or two so that you have somebody to help out around the house). You may also have drains in your breasts for the first few days after surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will typically see you back in the office the day after your breast augmentation surgery and then again after one week. You may experience some discomfort and pain during the first few days. Your doctor should prescribe pain medication as well as antibiotics (to minimize the chance of infection). Patients are advised to get a lot of rest and drink enough fluids immediately after the breast augmentation surgery. As soon as you are able to move around, you are also advised to do so. Physical activity will help with blood circulation and alleviate the bruising and swelling faster.

For the first few weeks, you will need to wear a surgical bra. Not only does this bra gives your new breasts the adequate support they need, but it also ensures that there are not any hard pieces of material or plastic irritating the incision wounds while they heal. A month after your breast augmentation surgery, you can usually return to your normal exercise routine. Ask your plastic surgeon to demonstrate breast massage techniques to keep the breasts soft and obtain their shape more quickly.


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