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corset platysma plasty
What is corset platyma plasty and is it necessary for somebody that doesn't have cords?

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If you don't have cords...  May 4, 2009 1:26 PM

A corset platysmaplasty is a procedure that tightens the weakened (dehinsced) plastyma muscle of your neck with suturing in between them (think of a corset tightening around your waist but now it's on your neck). If you don't have any neck bands or neck cords, I don't typically recommend performing that procedure although I know some surgeons who perform it routinely as part of their facelifts. I try to minimize the amount of surgery and trauma to a patient if it is not necessary to improve the areas of concern. If you simply have lax skin, excision of excess skin during a necklift/lower facelift along with a lateral tightening of the platysma should address it just fine without needing to make another submental(under chin) incision. Hope this helps!

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It is the tightening of the neck muscles. Bands or cords as you call them will not form or take much longer to form if you get that procedure before the bands appear. The bands are results of the normal sepparation of the muscle borders. They are always sepparated from the midline to a certain extent, but this sepparation (cause or the bands) only shows once we age.

  June 17, 2010 2:46 PM

Corset platysmaplasty, (if you get it done by the pioneer of it; Joel Feldman or someone who follows his method), not only brings the 2 midline bands of the platysma muscle closer together but it's also used to contour the whole neck line to give a sleeker neck. So, ya it cut's down on the chords or bands you see with a 'stringy neck' but the up and down criss cross suture spanning the length of the neck can also be adjusted and tightened to give a more slim elegant neck line. It's also used to 'girdle' in soft tissue under the chin to get a sharper chin to neck angle and through the incision used to do the corset platysmaplasty, (under the chin), the DEEPER tissue very deep to the platysma muscle (deep fat pads, salivary glands, digastic muscle etc.) can be addressed.

The cut allows the PS (providing it's one conversant in the technically challenging tissue DEEP to the platysma muscle) to SEE WHICH tissue structures are causing the under chin area to be lax or droopy and be poised to address them during the surgery. For example, some patients after having a lower face lift and even some neck work, still have residual jowls and part of the 'jowl' turns out to be a drooping salivary gland that is just not going to respond to surgery in 'the plane' of the platysma and has to be addressed UNDER the 'plane' of the platysma and via techniques that are going to be challenging for many PSs. For example cutting down part of a salivary gland (to address something that's contributing to part of a JOWL) is 'advanced' skill level.

When the tissues DEEP to the platysma are addressed (for a cleaner chin to neck angle), part of the corset platysmaplasty 'girdles' those things in UNDER THE CHIN.

So, what I'm saying here is that IF you get it from a doc conversant in the many techniques that can be used DURING this surgery to address different soft tissue structures of the chin/neck angle, you should get a clean chin to neck angle from in. So, it's NOT JUST ABOUT "addressing bands". The procedure performed according to the way Feldman teaches it, (He's got a book out called "Neck Lift" aimed at showing other PSs how to do it.), can address most of any problem you could have with the under chin neck area and also ALONG THE JAW LINE. So, it's NOT JUST about "addressing bands".



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