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Franklinton, LA
Thigh Lipo Help!
I had a FTT about 2 years ago and since that time my thighs have gotten really big and also immediately after surgery my waist was larger. Is this normal? Also, if I go through with the lipo of my inner thighs will the fat just accumalte somewhere else?


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  May 18, 2011 3:27 PM

In response to the last portion of your question, if you do not modify your diet, you will continue to get fat in untreated areas.

While lipo permanently removes fat cells, other fat cells in your body are still going to respond to insulin, which drives glucose into the cells. This makes eat fat cell get bigger. You need to cut down carbs, especially the ones that induce insulin, like potatoes, rice and breads.

That being said, if you eat sensibly on a low carb diet, not only will you not gain fat in other areas, you will be healthier, which is even more important.

I hope you have found this partial respnse at least somewhat helpful.

Kind regards,
Mark E Johnson, MD, PhD



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