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park forest, IL
what is the youngest age to have rhinoplatsy?
Hi, I was wondering what is the youngest age to have rhinoplasty?
I am 16 years old and i am thinking of getting a nose job because my nose is very asemitrical and does not go well with the rest of my features.
so is it ok to get a nose job now when i am 16?


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Rhinoplasty at age 16  January 12, 2009 11:44 AM

When the nose has completely grown, it is common to perform rhinoplasty. Age 16 seems to be the standard age. For the patient, it often seems way too long to wait! You and your parents should make sure your surgeon thinks your nose is mature enough to undergo surgery.

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The appropriate age can vary  January 13, 2009 6:56 PM

The traditional teaching is to wait until age 15 or 16 for females and sometimes even older for males. Surgeons want to wait until your nose has finished growing so that they don't theoretically risk affecting your nasal growth. Nasal 'maturity' happens at different ages, though. Some girls are physically mature a year or two after they first have their periods. Some take longer. Another way to get a sense of physical maturity is height. If you are as tall as your tallest parent, you are probably close to finishing growth if not finished already. This risk to your nose is really theoretical anyways. There are very good studies that have examined rhinoplasty done on younger kids for very severe breathing issues. Their nasal growth was not significantly affected. So, we would say if your surgery is necessary for a severe asymmetry associated with a breathing problem, rhinoplasty may be appropriate at an even younger age. Age sixteen should be just fine. The effect of chronic mouth-breathing on facial and dental development may be a greater risk than the risk of doing rhinoplasty at a younger age. Adolescence can be a tough time, so it is, of course, critical that teenagers are psychologically ready for rhinoplasty too.



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