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Ask An Expert > Mark Johnson Message Board > Body lift & Breast lift on May 13, can I use neosporin to aid in the healing?
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Body lift & Breast lift on May 13, can I use neosporin to aid in the healing?
Hello =) check out my pictures (more to come soon!)...

I talked with my doctor and he advised me to clean the wound 2x daily with peroxide and no dressings to cover it. I've read here people use steri-strips and paper tape to aid with the healing and look of the scar, should I use these? Also, he said there was no need for neosporin but if it would speed up the process, I'd like to use it. Can I?

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  May 17, 2011 7:29 PM

I have done a great deal of research in the past, and when working with epithelialization and stimulus of epithelial growth, hypoxia was a potent activator. In laymen's terms that means lack of oxygen makes the epithelial cells grow more quickly.

The neosporin (if it is an ointment) isn't going to hurt, and based on the research I have personally been a part of in the past, it may actually improve the healing process. That being said, vaseline petroleum jelly could accomplish the same thing.

Kind regards,
Mark E Johnson, MD, PhD

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  May 18, 2011 2:46 AM

From a purely doctor/patient position you should ask your chosen treating surgeon. In my practice I treat each case as its own individual issue. Sometimes I recommend ointments other times I do not.



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