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How soon can I undergo upper bleph adjustment?
Had upper bleph done 4 months ago to raise hoods that were drooping slightly over lash line. There is slight improvement however I've noticed that lids are starting to again touch the lash line in the center of my eye. I understand the doctor might have chosen to cut conservatively but for the cost and inconvenience I don't feel the results were worth it. I want very slight revision so I can have the crease line I asked for. How soon can I perform the procedure again? Also are there risks for perhaps more obvious scaring now that there would be 2 incisions?

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Upper lid blepheroplasty  June 3, 2011 11:24 AM

When evaluating the eyes for upper lid blepheroplasty onr has to evaluate the position of the eye broe as well as the excess skin and possibly herniated fat (Mostly on the inside)
If the brow has dropped then you can not take all the excess skin you see, because some of that excess skin id brow skin and if you take it out you will make the brow droop more.
Normaly when marking for skin removal of the upper lid one will lift the brow to its natural position then mark the excess lid skin.
if after that you do not like it and need more lid show then you need to have a brow lift.
In blepheroplasty conservative is good, less chances of major complications,
discuss your needs with your plastic surgeon and he/she will advise you what you need

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Upper eyelid heaviness  June 3, 2011 4:41 PM

There are three different aging components causing upper eyelid heaviness. One is extra upper eyelid skin from gradual loss in skin elestacity, requiring blepharoplasty. Second is upper ptosis, from weakened or loosened muscle that lifts the eyelid, requiring ptosis surgery or muscle/tendon tightening. The third is brow droopiness, requiring brow or forehead lifting. You likely had upper blepharoplasty alone, and may need the other components addressed as well. A photo would be useful. Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD

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revision upper eyelids.  June 6, 2011 8:00 AM

At four months you should be healed well enough to have revision surgey. The incision for the revision must be in the same place as the first incision or certainly encompass it in the revision surgery itself. Be sure to check that your problems are not the need for browlift work and that your lids are actually fine.

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  June 7, 2011 3:20 AM

I agree to make sure the correct diagnosis is obtained as to the reason for your hooding. At 4 months it "should" be OK to revise with a second incision but yes the risks increase. More scarring, a second obvious scar/incision. Be careful please.



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