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hard palette graft for thryoids eye
Hello, I'm in my 30's and have exophalomos of multiple cause gentically large eye / high myopia / hashimotos. i am negatives for graves. Surgeons have informed me that while orbital decompression would normally be considered, due to my high myopia it is too risky so therefore proposed hard palette graft for the worst eye to lengthen eyelid and follow this with fat transfer. I am having trouble understanding the concept of the hard palette graft. Will it simply raise the eyelid or will it have other benefits such as reducing the hollows under the eyes or reducing dry eye cauased by over exposure...also where does it go exactly? Very grateful for any clarification on this procedure. I'd like to combine it with a mid face lift as I feel my cheeks contribute to the 'pull' however the above procedure was proposed for medical reasons not cosmetic...however I would happily pay for the face lift part and wonder if this element would add much time / hassle factor to the operation for the surgeon. Thanks so much in advance.

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lower eyelid hard palate graft  July 5, 2011 10:09 PM

Hi. You raise great questions.
First of all, I wouldn't completely rule out orbital decompression. If safely done, it is very effective. Regarding hard palate graft, it is placed on the back part of the lower eyelid, thereby lengthening it vertically. It does not significantly add volume to the hollow under they eyes, although there are options for that as well. The graft procedure is best combined with midface lift (in fact it would be necessary). There would be medical insurance covered portion and additional cosmetic portion. Please contact my office for appointment for in person consultation/examination. (www.TabanMD.com, 310-278-1839).
Dr Taban

thank you  July 6, 2011 1:29 AM

Tahnk you very much.
Sorry to be a little dense on this, but is teh graft actually afixed to the inner eyelid itself or is it mounted in the orbit somehow. I personally feel my eyes, especially the right, will be helped in terms of comfort, only by orbital decompression but because i have myopia of -10, the surgeon has said it is too risky my retina is not especially thin, and quite good; I'm told, for someone with myopia, let alone high myopia, however surgeon says decompression in anyone with high myopia, at all, is too risky :(

followup comment  July 6, 2011 12:13 PM

Again, orbital decompression, if done conservatively and using minimal invasive technique, is safe. Regarding hard palate, it is placed on the eyelid portion.

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hard palte grafts  July 12, 2011 12:14 PM

A hard palate graft is a posterior eyelid spacer. This means it is a tissue similar in nature to the normal posterior tissue of the lower lid. It is used to lengthan and support a lower lid which is retracted (pulled down) for a variety of reasons. It usually does not fill in hollows - but can on occasion add some volume to a suncken lower lid. In the hands of an eyelid specialist with experience with this kind of surgery it yields good and reliable results



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