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Ask An Expert > Brent Moelleken Message Board > What are the best proven types of mid-face lifts?
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pittsburgh, PA
What are the best proven types of mid-face lifts?
I've consulted with several PS in my area and got several differnt opinions on what I need. One common is lower face lift and variations on mid-face lifts along with brow lift (which I don't think I need).
I appreciate if any PS with expertise in this area can give me an explanation.

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New York, NY
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Browlift is easy to evaluate  November 19, 2008 6:24 PM

To decide if you need a browlift - stand in front of a mirror. Look at your eyebrows - are they elevated or normal height but with a lot of wrinkles above the eyebrows? if so, you likely need a browlift. If not, then close your eyes and wait one minute in a relaxed position, then place your index finger on your eyebrow while your eyes are closed, then open your eyes and don't let the eyebrow move. If your try to elevate the eyebrow, then you need a browlift, or if the eyelid looks too heavy, same thing goes.
As for a midface lift - the key thing is to lift your SMAS vertically. This restores your cheeks to their normal position and avoids the windblown look or as I call it the "Nike swoop".

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FACIAL REJUVENATION  November 19, 2008 10:46 PM

Hello. Since the origins of facial rejuvenation techniques, thre have been many advances that currently provide natural looking, long lasting results. With the early techniques of skin removal alone, results were artificial because surgeons relied on skin removal and tightening alone. Current techniques now have the advantage of addressing deeper tissues such as the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system). This SMAS is the covering of facial muscles. When this structure is also tightened, results are more natural looking and longer lasting. I agree that most patents do not need a brow lift and suggest considering facial rejuvenation and eyelid rejuvenation. The neck-lift is included in my procedures and addresses the under-chin fat and loose muscles that can give you the "turkey gobbler". I also address the jowls during this procedure. Typical cost for all described is $5,900 Dollars total, plus about $100 Dollars for lab tests and medications. Feel free to visit my website for more information on these and other procedures or email me directly through my profile.

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Beverly Hills, CA
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Midface lifts  January 13, 2009 8:32 AM

For a complete discussion, we have several book chapters and articles on our website drbrent.com, including a chapter in the textbook Mathes.
Briefly, there are many types of cheeklifts.
Lower eyelid incision cheeklifts, especially limited incision ones (i.e. LUSIC) are best at smoothing out the eye-cheek junction. Usually they involve placing material at the tear trough groove as well. The direction of pull is usually straight up.
Cheeklifts can also be performed from inside the mouth, usually with a second incision up in the hairline. Sometimes the Endotine is used to fixate the cheek upward. The direction of pull is typically up and out, not straight up. Sometimes spanning sutures are used attached to tougher tissues or even a screw up in the scalp area. Often these are combination cheek-brow techniques.
Fat preserving blepharoplasties where the fat is remodeled could be considered a form of cheeklift as well.
Lateral muscle slings and canthal reconsructions (changing the eye shape) can be used for patients who have had previous lower eyelid surgery and notice a pulling down. Fortunately, we have had good success in correcting this problem.
The midface, the area below the eyes, is very delicate. In my opinion, radical procedures should not be attempted in this region or complication rates rise dramatically.
Also the midface is an area that demands specialization, or at least a special interest on the part of the surgeon.
The lower eyelid is that important.



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