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Can i get my money back from botched suregery
3 years ago I went with my sister for consult and surgery later.She wanted breast enhancement to even out her shape and arm lift. He recommended lifting one and 1 implant which we questioned. Now the lifted one is smaller so still lopsided and arm lift scars are horrible and not hidden under arms where he said they were suppose to be and longer then he stated would be. She isdepressed and went back to him for check up and complaint to which he said another 6,000 to fix it. We were not told she would have to pay for a second time on my initial visit and did not get what she asked for. We have not had success in dealing with him through emails at all. She lives in Canada and traveled here to Wa to have it done with a lot of exxpense

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  January 30, 2013 8:20 AM

But after "3" years how can you expect the surgeon NOT to charge additional fees??? If you were less than a year than I could understand the no fee of the surgeon issue. So basiclly there is no refund on your fees. Sorry. But posting a few photos would help us advise your sister on options.

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  January 30, 2013 6:34 PM

I agree with Dr Blinski. Why did your sister wait so long?
This is an unfortunate situation you are in, but really can't help you there.



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