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Ask An Expert > Mehryar (Ray) Taban Message Board > can I do anything to prevent lateral brow from 'Popping up"?
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can I do anything to prevent lateral brow from 'Popping up"?
I had a coronal browlift and bilateral bleph two years ago. The surgeon pulled the side with the eye that was drooping a bit, up high and tight. My eyelid bulges out on the outer 1/2 of my eye. The skin above the eyebrow has deep creases starting from the inner corner of my eyebrow to the hairline in my temple, where it's stretching upwards. When I'm expressing any emotion, this area 'pops' up, resulting in a weird and angry look. The other side of the face does the same, but too less extent. I had a pretty almond shaped eyes before. Is there anything I can do nonsurgical to pull that brow back down to a normal position and also lessen the think eyelid on the outer half of my eye?

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Coronal browlift issues  March 15, 2013 10:48 AM

I have not heard the issues you are describing before. But photos would help to ascertain it better. Of course, descussing them with your PS is most important.

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eyebrow asymmetry  March 17, 2013 11:24 AM

Various things can cause eyebrow/eyelid asymmetry, including ptosis (droopy eyelid with brow elevation compensation), eye dominance, facial asymmetry, etc. It is important to find the reason why you have asymmetric brow elevation and then deciding the proper treatment. See an oculoplastic specialist.



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