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Ask An Expert > Brent Moelleken Message Board > Endoscopic brow lift??
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San Diego, CA
Endoscopic brow lift??
I'm in a quandry. I don't think I need a brow lift and my ps says I do. I looked at older pix and they look the same now as they did then, except my eyelids of course.

Plastic surgeon
Southlake, TX
United States
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They are related!  March 15, 2009 10:02 AM

You have the final say about what you want.

One thing you need to consider is that the position of the brow affects the amount of excess upper eyelid skin you have.

The brow tends to droop over time, and frequently changes shape. Your brows may not have changed shape, but may have dropped. It doesn't take a lot of sagging of the brow for the upper lids to be affected. Also, some people inherit low eyebrows, so the condition may always been present, as you note.

Anyway, have your doctor raise your brow with his thumb or finger, and see if you like the result. If you do, fine, if you don't fine.

Finally, you can get your eyes done without the brow, just remember that the blepharoplasty will not do the same thing as a brow lift.

Hope this helps.


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Newport Beach, CA
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  March 15, 2009 3:09 PM

The benefit of a brow lift is to soften the frowning muscles and raising the outer brow if it is drooping. A picture could help to tell whether the upper eye lid is the problem or both?

I wouldn't do it  March 19, 2009 2:16 PM

If you feel that you don't need it..go with your gut you are probaby correct.
Maybe your PS is trying to put insecurities in your mind so he can get more money out of you.

Plastic surgeon
Beverly Hills, CA
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Browlift necessary?  October 3, 2012 9:47 AM

The brow area is an area highly dependent on the artistic interpretation of the doctor.

Some doctors raise the brows very, very high and their patients like that look. Others aim for a more physiologic, less done appearance. Different parts of the brow can be elevated. The effect on the hair pattern should be clear to the patient as well prior to proceeding. This is your face, decide carefully.

So make sure you and your doctor communicate clearly about your expectations. Also look carefully at the doctor's pictures and make sure you like his or her aesthetic.



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