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can my eyelids be improve. aging eyelids have cuts and stitch markings done by an eye doctor in 1992 without informed consent
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his is not how I would normally age. 28 years ago an eyelid doctor assumed that I wanted to look like the model pic which included her deep facial expression when the pic was for parallel creases. He asked me with a grin "you want this" and didn't say anything more. I paid for eyelids surgery so why would I be worry that he cut up my forehead and stitched my eyebrows up. Without the right light and looking at an angle I wouldn't see all that puckering on my eyelids. He put the models dynamic wrinkles furrow marks on her forehead and eyelids onto my face permanently without even getting my informed consent. the model was my age group. I had forehead lift to soften those man made furrow marks he made on my forehead. The 11's is a deep white cut. I hyperpigmented and when I still bleaching my skin those furrow marks are white cuts.... Clearly shows it is a deep cut which some of my doctors think dr. eye doctor is crazy. He denied it too. His nurse and receptions in the early 90's knows it and hopefully one day they will tell the world what he done to his patients............... To tell the truth.......... what can be done to make me not looking so old. My parents don't even have this on their eyelids and they are in their late 80's. My older siblings have smooth eyelids so everyone thinks I am the oldest. People asked me if I already retired. I couldn't understand that for a while till one day I saw my eyelids looking like the photo I took. It is at an angle above camera pointing downward. Holly Sh*t I look like I must be over 100 years old. People don't believe my age when I told them I was in my early 40's. It is the wrinkle eyelids . I don't people are being mean but they aren't. Look at the creases and lumps and bumps on it....... At first I thought he stitched me up too tight but much later I realized there is cuts everywhere, white lines. He made 1/2 inch dents to the side of my forehead.... to make those dynamic dents he saw on the model. but that is dynamic due to facial expression. Why would I want that for?? what can I do to make it less ugly. I done forehead lift to improve the man made wrinkles on my forehead.. I am still in pain from that lift post op 19 months. Most plastic surgeons saw me know my eyes are not natural and my forehead has been cut and damaged beyond repair. My eyelids was the first thing people star at...... So wrinkle....

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eyelids not from aging but from PS without informed consent

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