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Am I asking for too much?

Hi, I?m a 19 year old male. I broke my nose about 3 years ago and I ended up with a disproportionally large dorsal hump. I was referred to a cosmetic surgeon in order to correct the problem. He made it look like the surgery would be no big deal, and so I went through with it. I was mostly satisfied with the result, however there had been a collapse in one side of the lateral cartilage, causing the other side to protrude unnaturally. At the time I was unaware that the protrusion was caused by a collapse, so when I pointed out the deformity to the doctor, he offered to ?shave off? the ?excess?. He also said that my septum needed to be straighten because it was deviated, and that some excess bone on one side of the dorsal area needed to be filed down. Again, he made it seem like those things were no big deal. So, being naive about rhinoplasties at the time, I went through with the revision. The results seemed to be satisfactory at the first, but after 6 months it became clear that the surgery had created more problems than solved, if any at all. The tip of nose lost support, resulting in it looking droopy. The nose also looks pinched now, which it never did before. At the same time, ?removing the excess bone? was nothing more than scooping out dorsal area a little more. Of course, the collapsed cartilage was not addressed at all, and the deformity caused by it is just as much present now was it was before.

To recap, here are what the problems my nose is facing: collapsed lateral cartilage, pinch, lack of support at the tip and slightly scooped out dorsal area (more on one side than the other), this not mentioning my nose has been operated twice (both times were closed). Is asking to correct all those problems too much? How complex, if possible at all, would such a surgery be? I need an honest answer as to what I can hope for.

Thank you very much,

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November 29, 2009 6:58 PM


Asking to correct these problems is not too much. You have many issues that need to be addressed, and I would best be able to help you after seeing photos and doing an (more)
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  Revision Nasal Surgery and Expectations
October 26, 2009 6:17 AM

It sounds like your problems are unfortunately not so uncommon. I see a lot of patients with deviated noses for both functional and cosmetic failures.

Deviated nasal surgery is by far the most challenging cosmetic operation. There are many factors at play, most notably the septum, which can influence success or failure.

Fortunately it seems that your problems (collapsed lateral cartilage, pinch, lack of support at the tip and slightly scooped out dorsal area ) can potentially be fixed without a major nasal reconstruction. As long as you have defined and resonable goals, then your problems can be addressed. In my hands, I would typically revise a nose like yours closed, assuming the examination does not reveal any major differences from what you are describing.

The dorsal scooping can be helped with a camouflage graft or by rebalancing the overall profile. The collapse can be helped by a spreader or camouflage graft and by straightening the septum if it was not already done. The pinching can also be helped. The exact intervention depends on your examination. The tip drop can be corrected with standard Rhinoplasty techniques for the tip.

Just make sure you seek a surgeon that does a LOT of deviated nasal corrections.

Good luck.



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