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I am afraid to have a procedure - can someone please help reassure me around cheek lift?
cheek liftMid Face LiftFacelift

Hi I am a 30 year old male who for the last year has suffered from the tops corners of each cheek drooping slightly and slight rings under the eyes. It makes me look older than I am - and causing alot of stress.
I recently flew to the US (from europe)have a consultation with a surgeon. The surgeon met with me - seemed to be in a rush and told me he could give me a cheek lift & that I would be a good candidate for it, i got some before photos taken and a quote.
However the procedure wasnt explained in detail and he said he said he had done loads of them. However I am afraid of a number of things, how can I reduce my chances of something going wrong, the biggest part is I dont want anyone to know I have had surgery to sort out this problem. Can I hide away for two weeks so no one will know - also will it look obvious that i have been operated on - how do I ret reassurance so I can be comfortable and have this procedure?

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January 12, 2009 6:50 PM

30 is very young to be having a cheeklift unless there is a specific non-age related anatomic problem that is being targeted. There are many types of cheeklifts as well; we have several (more)
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