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danville, CA


I need some honest advice/information. I am willing to pay top dollar. I just want to have a somewhat enjoyable life with my wonderful husband and children. I am having a very difficult time believing that cosmetic surgery can end so badly. I know mistakes happen and I am okay with that. My husband has a job where he speaks live on TV daily. At any moment a stupid mistake - anything he says that is off color or misunderstood- could end his career...our livelihood. I understand that and would never try to make anyone suffer for something that was an honest mistake. That is not my intention. I had a facial plastic surgeon that told me he was a specialist and had thousands of surgeries behind him...seeemed like a great guy. I had resisted for decades. Talked me out of my local plastic surgeons with decades of experience busy doing what he said was "tummy tucks and boob jobs" because he assured me he was a facial specialist/expert. Way above the skill they had in facial surgery.
I had a lump in my jaw that I was born with. It was always painful and unsightly. I had always wanted it removed. He told me there was absolutely no risks...he was an expert....Then we decided on cheek implants while he was in there...nice way of filling out my cheeks. Well...all hell broke loose...I have sensory nerve damage and doctors keep telling me I have quite a lot of facial nerve damage on both sides of my face. I at first saw many facial plastic surgeons that all say I had facial nerve damage but finally over a year later I had a plastic surgeon listen to my concerns and go in to check things out...Honestly he believed at the time that I had mostly nerve damage and some muscles not connected so he went in doing a SMAS cheek lift. He found lots of damage to the area underneath my cheek skin...wrote in his report that the disection went through the periosteum to just below the cheek skin and he also saw that my obicularis occuli was devided in half at the orbital rim.
I had begged and pleaded with many doctors that I htought that was the case before his surgery but no one would listen to me.
He repaired the very outside corner of my eye but i still have serious pain and movement problems in my mid face under my eye and into my mouth/upper lip. His repairs went well for a few months but eventually my cheek area fell downwards...it was horrible. I could feel my face sliding downwards at the temples, cheekbones, under my eyes, the bottom of my ears and the muscles that attach at the back of my skull. I went through hell for ten months. My face is now even more sunken in in the temples and under my eyes and around my ears. I mean no harm...I place no blame, I just really want my life back as best as possible. The surgeon that I chose to help me last time was a sweetheart but I later learned that he was not as experienced in facial work as I had understood.
So my question to all of you. I know my surgeon did the best he could with the knowledge that he had at the time and the experience that he had...everyone thought it was just a sensory nerve injury. That said. I have as much money as needed to get as fixed as is going to be possible. I know I will never look like my old self, feel like my old self but all I want is for someone to honestly tell me what is going on and how to make the best of my situation. I am having a very difficult time believing that cosmetic surgery can devastate a life. i need your help. An honest surgeons help. I have been really trusting in the past and am realizing that I need only the most HONEST, sincere and highly skilled in repairative work, surgeon to offer help. I know there are some great doctors out there but I have been through too much. Three surgeries with three different surgeons. My last one, God bless him, is wanting to do more with another surgeon helping him but I need to find someone that has massive experience at this. A real SPECIALIST!!! I made a bad mistake choosing my first doctor. I am sure he meant well but he overexaggerated his experience and skill.
I know there are fabulous surgeons out there. Can anyone help me or refer me to a clinic or hospital that specializes in repairing actual physical damage from cosmetic surgery. Not nerve but muscle attachment issues? Cheeks, temple and mouth muscles that are not attached correctly? I am willing to travel anywhere and pay any fees. I just want a chance of having my life back. Thanks so much for all of your help. I know this is such a difficult specialty. I understand all of that. I just want my life back as best as I can find it. Thank you and my best. MK

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Plastic surgeon
Miami, FL
United States
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November 19, 2010 2:34 AM

I'm truly sorry for your sad journey. Have you seen experts in CA like Malcom Paul, M.D., Mal. LeSavory, M.D.?? Plus photos posted always help. Again keep searching for a surgeon who can (more)
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Plastic surgeon
New York, NY
United States
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November 15, 2009 2:18 PM

Sounds like you had to go through a lot.
I will make no promises, but I will tell you if I can help you. Please forward photos of yourself (front, profile and oblique), some front views (more)
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danville, CA
United States
November 18, 2010 11:54 AM

I forgot I posted this long winded plea for help. Thanks Dr Grossman. Unfortunately fat grafts won't be of much help. My plastic surgeon says that I need the periosteum resecured/screwed to the bones of my cheek smething he is not trained to do. I met with a well known pediatric craniofacial Doc in Seattle per my PS's referral and he offered to do it. Said it was crucial to resecure the tissue after it was lifted off. But I guess I am just paralyzed with fear. It really is an issue of pain. It is amazing how unimportant looks are when you are in pain and just moving your face or being upright makes it worse.. I have spent the last few years visiting pain clinics instead of PS...hoping that time would settle things down. Unfortunately it has not. Thanks again.

Uppsala, Sweden
November 18, 2010 3:32 AM

I'm sorry about your experience. I can relate with you a lot. Cheek implants can not only damage nerves but destroy the face, smile, eye size. And some implants cannot be removed.

Plastic surgery is not perfect yet. They cannot fix big cheeks to be smaller. There are limited operations.

You have a better chance that you live in the States. I think many are professional there and sincere.

I met a plastic surgeon in Chicago. He was very sincere. Bad for my case, i had to travel back to Sweden because i discovered i was pregnant. I could get you the name from my brother he is living there.

You need also to take care of yourself. I mean mentally. I understand that the society puts a lot of pressure on women. Take care and good luck

greenfield, IN
United States
  My heart goes out to you.......
October 22, 2009 6:34 AM

PLease make sure that they are completely BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEONS IN FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY. My daughter will have to undergo pediatric facial plastic surgery to correct a birth defect soon, They want to insert a cheek and jaw poron implant, I am very nervous about this. May God Bless You.



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