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Removal of the skin

By removing the skin underneath armpit/axilla where does the Plastic Surgeon place the scar(s)? How much am I looking to pay for this procedure? I am not sure exactly if there's a name for this type of surgery besides skin removal. I am 3 weeks post-op. On Friday I went for my weekly visit with the PS. The one who performed the surgery is on vacation so I was seen by another PS. I asked him what will be my final breasts size? PS replied what you have now. I proceeded to ask what size am I now since I have only been allowed to wear a surgical bra? He said you look like a B or a small C. That was pretty upsetting to me because I really wanted to end up with a D or DD. I know that sounds crazy but after being a DDDD/E a DD was more than fine w/ me. After all that's what I also requested a D or DD.
That PS also added that if I were to lose weight they would appear bigger & suggested that I have the skin underneath my armpit removed (not lipo). I would do it in a heartbeat, however I can not afford to have the procedure now (I do not know the price but pretty sure it will cost a pretty penny).
I must say my PS did do a wonderful/awesome job my breasts are super perky & round & I LOVE IT but I only wish to be somewhat bigger.
Please take a look @ my pic's, even though I think my breasts actually appear much bigger in the pics than what they really are!

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January 3, 2009 11:14 PM

The procedure to remove the excess skin in the axillas (skin that usually causes an unsightly bulge in the front of your chest)is simply an axilla plasty. It is skin removal of course. (more)
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