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London, United Kingdom

I have bad scaring due to various procedures, and pigmentation on some areas of the body and also stretch marks, whats the best treatment.
keloidDerma RollerAntioxidants

I have had a arm lift and tummy tuck, the scars on my tummy have flattened but are very dark compared to the rest of my skin colour. With the arm lift, the scars have become hypertropic, quite raised and also darkened in areass. I also have dark pigmented areas on my inner thighs and stretch marks on my tummy and hips. I have read that silicone scar sheets can help alot, and also that the microneedle therapy is good also. I would like to try the microneedle skin roller, but I am not sure what other products I would need to use to gain optimal results. I would need different creams for the raised scars, the darkened scars, the pigmentation and the stretch marks. Could somebody please advise me on the best products to buy for these conditions, bearing in mind I have medium brown indian skin tone. Should I also get the silicone gel sheets for the scars on my arms, or would the skin roller probably be enough? Thank you so much for your help.

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  Scar Products and Stretch Marks
November 16, 2010 4:56 PM

I am very happy to help you!!

I think the silicone sheeting would be best for the Tummy Tuck scar and the Arm Lift scar. The reason because it will apply more pressure to the area over (more)
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Woodland Hills, CA
United States
  one option for you!
October 6, 2010 6:03 PM

You definitely can still use a scar cream or silicone sheeting to help out with you TT and scars on the arm. You can use the creams or the sheeting for scars that are old or new--it will still work.

Scar Esthetique Cream: http://bit.ly/ccINvo
This cream helps to reduce the color, size, and general appearance of scars. It also has added vitamins and antioxidants if you like that stuff!

Kelo-Cote Gel:http://bit.ly/c7VUAx
This is a great one that is strictly made of silicones and helps with the redness of scars. Also great for sensitive skin types.

I would recommend Kelo-Cote for the red TT scar.

Silicone sheeting will work great to help flatten out your hypertrophic scars. I am a little unsure of where the incisions would be for the arm lift so it would be difficult for me to recommend a specific shape. But it will help! Just keep in mind you must wear the sheeting for around 12 hr/ day for it to be effective.

If you want to use the microneedle, you can use is in conjunction with either one of the creams listed above, but Scar Esthetique has arnica in it, which may help with the itty bitty redness that occurs right after a treatment.

If you are looking for a easy, straight forward kit, you should check this one out:

Deluxe Scar Reduction Kit w/Microneedle Roller & Cream: http://bit.ly/9HeauH

If you have any other questions please let me know.



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