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Elgin, IL

Lumps under eye after fat transfer

I had a fat transfer 2 weeks ago to my cheeks and under eye (also lower jaw, but that looks great) The right eye has a lump in the lower lid, almost central. I will need more fat to that eye because it did not take as well as the left. Will this be a huge problem to fix? I am terrified I screwed up and now I will have a lump under the one eye.

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December 27, 2009 8:15 PM


It is still very soon after your procedure, and it is important to be patient as swelling may influence the appearance of your eye. It would be best for you to speak with your (more)
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Simsbury, CT
United States
  I went through the same thing
January 2, 2010 5:48 AM

I had one of the "best Plastic surgeons" on Park Ave do a lower eye bleph. As part of the procedure he put fat transfer in the tear troughs. This generally should never be done. The skin under the eye is extremely thin and transparent. After about a year one of the eyes looked fine. The other eye continues to have a visible lump under it for over three years. It is permanent. What has kept me sane is two things: 1) you can supplement directlyabove the lump (I'm assuming closer to your eye) with restyline which is a very thin filler appropriate for this delicate area. Get a good plastic surgeon like Dr. Pearlman in NY to do it. This will even the plain so to speak and make the lump less evident (you will need to have this done every 6 months or so). Under the lump I'm assuming around the cheek area, you can use a more substantial filler like sculptra which lasts longer. The goal is to make the lump less evident by raising the surrounding tissue. It must be done very subtly, hence use a good plastic surgeon. But it actually made my lump problem managable to the point where it is not really evident now. I am constantly amazed how top-notch surgeons can botch really simple procedures. This orginal ps also use CO2 laser under my eye which is again much to strong for the delicate under eye area. Left me with hyper pigmentaiton for a few years.

But first I would take the advice of the provider who said WAIT a few months and see how things heal.



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