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Crofton, MD

Skincare and Procedures to Help Wrinkles and Tone?
Forehead Lift, Brow Lift

Hi there! I aged quickly when I lost my job, I was very youthful looking and in a month aged tremendously. So I've always cared for my skin, but in three years I look so much older because of stress. I now have permanent horizontal lines on my forehead and also my skin looks old (I don't know if it's large pores of what). I use ponds to wash my face, I use mineral makeup and only cover my undereyes, I usually don't wear alot of makeup. I have added preventin deep wrinkle moisterizer, and 2-1 eye cream. I have started using sunscreen in the day time again, neutragena 45. I have rosecea and use Rosanil cleanser when I break out, and use metrogel on pimples when I break out (usually when I use something that doesn't agree with my sensitive skin , or use something topical), and I use tararac 1-3 x per week on my forehead, the bone around the eye, the cheek bones and the t-zone. Still my skin looks so lifeless. I eat relatively well and drink water. What more can I do? I am getting back into modeling and want to get my face in shape so I don't look older than I am! Should I add or change anything in my skincare routine? Should I look at procedures and which ones? I saw a deal on laser treatments, and I didn't know if that would help. I've heard the botox makes your lines deeper unless you can keep up with it, which I can't. I did that once a few years ago. How many units would I need to make a difference? There is a deal for 20 for $99. I do sweats and that helps my skin alot. I take a towel and exfoliate every morning when I wash my face, is there anything else I can do? I've been trying to decide if I should just try skincare and then invest in a brow lift soon, or what...

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November 08 just when I lost my job


Good look at the wrinkles in 2010


Bad picture of me, but it shows my tone and the wrinkles as of 4/11/12

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