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Fixing massive Scar/Encapsulation Deformity

I am looking for a doctor in the LA/SoCal area that can help me correct a serious issue that has deformed my face. I was basically in an accident and my jaw and some of my face was shattered. I am female and it left me with a very warped chin/jaw. I had a chin implant and a jaw rebuild. My mental nerve rests at the bottom of my mandible (it is palpable and I can manipulate feeling on the right side where there is otherwise no feeling). In addition to this I had the original implant removed and it left me with a very horrible sub-mandibular scar. In an effort to correct the shape I was treated with Kenalog 40 repeatedly and it barely budged the scar under the skin (excess subcutaneous scar tissue). I had two very expensive surgeries to correct this one without replacing the implant and the second did. The second left me with more deformity and the doctor attempted to even it out by adding excised hypertrophic scar tissue to the indentation. It never blended and is now palpable as well and and he did not fully fill it in giving me a very warped looking lower face. The implant itself is actually very nicely designed and shaped if the scar tissue were absent. I am medically knowledgable and see two resolutions, the best of the two is actually going in and removing as much of the tissue as possible (the scar tissue is also making the numbness on the right side more profound as the scar is blocking the nerve--after massage in that area I get more feeling so removal would be ideal) and also sub-manibularly pulling in the chin to shape it in a more feminine pointed and even (symmetrical) way with a vertical (chin to throat) scar. The scar inserted should be able to be removed and some 5-FU injections should be able to help reduce some if the paralyzing scar tissue (that blocks the nerves).

Any So/Cal doctors able to do this, preferably minimum down-time, swelling and finally scarring. I also want a one or max two step procedure within one month as that is my timeline (I am not from USA).

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