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Infection after rhinoplasty : HELP! :-(

I had an open rhinoplasty on July 4th. I had a very thin aquiline nose. My PS shaved down the hump (he had to break the bone), lifted the tip to make it look upturned, used septal cartilage grafts to prevent me from having external valve collapse, corrected a septal caudal deviation and cut the upper lip frenulum.

Aesthetically speaking, I am very pleased with the result. However, I still can't breathe properly through my nose. There is another thing that bothers me : after the nasal packing was removed, I noticed that there were two red bumps in the entrance of my nostrils, on each side of the septum. At first, I thought it was just swelling. But after two weeks, these bumps started oozing pus, forming yellow crusts that go away everytime I cry (and I cry everyday now). I could not contact my PS because he was on vacation. I saw my general practitioner, who told me I was worrying for nothing. A few days later, I saw a young ENT who only told me to take anti-inflammatory pills (these did not work at all!). It got even worse : it began to hurt BEHIND the bumps (so I can't clearly see what the problem is). I sent a picture of my nostrils to my PS. He replied as soon as he came back in Belgium and said that it was infected and that I had to take Augmentin and use Bactroban cream 3 times a day. I am meeting him in 2 days to see if there is any improvement. I started the treatment yesterday morning, my nose is still the same and the pain is increasing (burning sensation).

I am so terrified and depressed. My two college re-exams are in two weeks and I haven?t studied yet, I don?t even want to. I don?t have the courage to do anything; I stay at home trying not to cry so that the Bactroban cream doesn?t flow out of my nose.

Could the infection get worse? What are the possible complications? Is it already too late? Will my nose have necrosis? Will I have to have another surgery? Has my surgeon done something wrong? Have I done something wrong? I am completely lost and I don?t know what to do :-( Please, help me.

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Red bumps, with small amount of discharge

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August 5, 2014 5:55 AM

Photo did not post! But nasal infections are very serious... (more)
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