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What surgical procedures will help me achieve my desired facial features/results?
rhinoplastychin implantjaw implantlip augmentation

I want to know if the results I want are achievable (images included.) and what are the best steps and procedures that will help me achieve the results I want?

I do not intend to get multiple procedures done at once, but to have them span over a number of years (5-6 years).

I currently already have had my primary rhinoplasty but will require a revision to be done carefully to help shape the nose and to restore the bridge height that the surgeon shaved down.

I am assuming I will need a custom chin and/or jaw implant. Lip augmentation for shaping, and very carefully done lip injections to help shape the lips and make them fuller without getting duck lips.

I was thinking that I might require light facial/cheek fat sculpting but wanted to know if that would be useful/beneficial or if it's one of those procedures with a low satisfaction rate.

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