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What is causing sudden painful swollen nasal passages/turbinates lasting for three months now?? Have tried many things to no avail.

This started out of the blue three months ago.Not sure what brought it on. Two weeks prior to this day I hurt my back( pulled a muscle in my lower back). I was healing from it by this time but was doing something and tripped and it must have stretched that muscle and it hurt bad so I laid down and cried. After a few minutes it calmed down. My nose always gets a little stuffy after I cry, this is normal and it goes away usually after a few minutes. After my back was feeling better I went downstairs to the basement apartment and swept the floor and cleaned a little( we are selling our 2 flat so we have been getting it ready). Afterwards I went out to the store. I noticed on my way home from the store my nasal passages felt some irritated and a little stuffy. I did not think much of it at the time. The next day it was still kind of stuffy and one side seemed more runny for about 5 minutes and then it stopped running. From the on my nose got stuffy( Not drainage, just swollen passages/turbinates that feel irritated/painful. It has been three months now with no relief. I have been to ENT doctor and allergist. No history of allergies or sinus issues. Tried nasal steroid sprays, oral medrol dose pack 4mg, antihistamines, singulair, neti-pot rinse, etc.. nothing has helped. Oral Sudafed now and then helps a little. Recently had a nasal swab that showed I have MARCoNS( multiple antibiotic resistant coagulase negative staph) in large amount. My ENT was not sure that was causing my issue but prescribed me Bactroban ointment for nasal passages. Took for two days and felt worse as it felt like it was irritating me. What could be causing this? It came out of the blue and seems to have gotten worse with time. My main symptoms with the worst being first on the list are: congestion caused by swollen passages/turbinates which then sometimes causes pressure around my eyes and nose and slight headache at times. The stuffiness is the worst part. I do Not have any mucous or drainage really. Had a CT scan of sinus a few weeks back which showed clear sinuses. Is this the Staph causing this, or is it something else? What about a Vascular issue since my main issue is my swollen turbinates/passages?

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