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Cheek Lift / Lower Blepharoplasty - Cheek Deformity and Bunching

I'm a 60 year old woman who had several cosmetic procedures done 5 years ago at the same time: neck lift, mid-face (cheek) elevation with fat transfer, and lower blepharoplasty. I chose a well-respected large local practice with an experienced surgeon. I chose this surgeon after talking with several of his former patients and careful research and felt very comfortable with him The surgery went well without any complication and the healing was normal. Unfortunately, I have never been happy with the results of the cheek lift / bleph combination, which has left me with terribly exaggerated and widely separated upper cheeks with bunching in the ocular areas. The lower face has a normal look. After 3 months post-op, I stated my concern but was told I needed time for the swelling to fully subside - perhaps a year. After a year had passed with no real change to this area, I requested a follow-up evaluation. My surgeon was sympathetic but explained that I have malar edemas that are interfering with a smooth and aesthetically-pleasing cheek contour. I believe him but also feel that there are other factors contributing to this condition as the excess volume also appears outside the orbital rim. With a static position (not smiling) the look appears acceptable (but not perfect); however, with any dynamic (smiling) action, the cheek contour and eye area appears freakishly abnormal. I've tolerated this for 5 years, as I've needed to get on with life but I realize that it has bothered me every time I look in a mirror (which is now often). Fillers will likely make things worse and only exacerbate the problem. While I suspect there is little that can be done to rectify my condition, I plan to go back to my surgeon for discussion and will also get a couple of independent opinions. Any additional thoughts or comments from this community would be greatly appreciated.

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