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Dr. Joel Aronowitz: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Joel Aronowitz
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Los Angeles
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (4.35 out of 10) (3 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


Don't Believe His PR Image, January 4, 2013, 1:24 pm
Reviewer: Aprilsuze

Dr. Aronowitz is an unethical fraud who has crafted a prominent image, primarily based on his use of autologous stem cell fat for Suzanne Somers. I paid #18,000 and all but 1 procedure involved the addition of stem cell fat to my face. Dr. Aronowitz did not perform most of the stem cell procedures. The few procedures he did perform were done carelessly and incompletely.
His own staff and the other attending dr. at the surgery were witnesses to that. There is no difference in the Before and After photos. The 1
procedure he did perform that had nothing to do with fat was on my earlobe. The deformity remained because he did not re-attach my left ear to my face. In addition, the other attending dr. noticed that the left earlobe was longer, further demonstrating his carelessness. The other attending dr. felt so bad at my despair at the failure of the stem cell fat grafts that he offered to do it himself, even though it was outside his field. How did Dr. Aronowitz react -- by delaying the release of my Operating Room Report so he could revise it in an attempt to avoid responsibility and cover it up. It took 3 months for it to be released, following my lawyer's phone call. Under "Procedures," where a dr. normally just lists the procedures done, Dr. Aronowitz used the first half in an attempt to both discredit me and to mistate the purpose of the surgery. Every sentence was an easily disprovable lie. He even claimed to have spoken to my psychologist, and she had never even heard of him. In addition, my mental state has no relevance to his non-performance of procedures. Even though his claim-to-fame is the use of autologous stem cell fat to create volume, he intentionally mistated the purpose of my surgery as "scar revision." My other attending dr. had recruited him specificaly for stem cell fat to add facial volume and every procedure listed refers to this, not to scar revision. Dr. Aronowitz does not really care about the patient. My post-surgery appts. were with other staff or 5 minute hurry-up appts. between surgeries. The only appt. that was longer, was the 20 minute "Sell" appt. in which he merely explained the procedure. He never examined nor touched my face for the areas I paid for stem cell fat to be added. He is worse than the Wizard of OZ. Not only is he a fraud, he is totally unethical.

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Great Doctor and Staff, January 4, 2011, 12:25 pm
Reviewer: natalie815

I am very happy with the results and treatment related and following my procedure. Fantastic staff and Dr. Aronowitz is incredible! Thank you!

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this doctor is a butcher, not a plastic surgeon, November 6, 2008, 7:26 am
Reviewer: healthyhappybaby

I was referred to Aronowitz for removal of a pea-sized growth on my son's hand - and was told that it could be tied off with a string and leave a dot of a scar, or, if done by Aronowitz, won't leave a scar. Well, it left a huge scar, got inflamed, I kept calling the office and they kept telling me that it's OK, it will go away, finally I made an appointment to have the redness and inflammation looked at. Aronowitz removed the stitches but left a piece that he couldn't get out and now my son has a huge scar with a discoloration resulting from the piece of stitch that was left behind. The staff's response is that it will go away as my son's hand grows in a few years or I can come back for a scar revision and polishing!!!! The reason this was done at a plastic surgeon's office is so that there would be no scar!!!! This doctor is a butcher - incredibly disappointing results, I would never trust this surgeon with anything!

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