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Dr. Burr Von Maur: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Burr Von Maur
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Mission Viejo
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (5.25 out of 10) (5 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


Good Surgeon Good Results, August 21, 2014, 3:54 pm
Reviewer: 1kitkat

Dr Von Maur is a good surgeon who gets good results. Being an RN I understand how doctors"operate" both personally and professionaly. These negative reviews unjustifiably attack Dr.Von Maur's skills due to their misconception of his personality. I have worked with him and because of his expertise I chose him to do my surgeries.Everything turned out great. he is actually a shy person and some people interperate this a cold or uncaring. I have seen him spring into action and recesitate a large man who had a heart attack who wasent even a patient. He cares very deeply about his patients and their surgerys. He is not the hand holding surgeon that everyone expects (which is unrealistic).I would rather have a perfect result than someone who had perfect bedside manner. In my experience the best doctors don't usually have both.

Regarding the comment one reviewer had about him asking her out...while it is discouraged that doctors not date while they are an "active patient" it is it OK to ask a patient out after their treatment is compleated. Besides we don't even know he actually asked her out. There are two sides to every story...

I highly recommend. Dr. Von Maur for any plastic surgery procedure. His before and after photos speak for themselves.

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Dr. Von Maur is a Predator, June 6, 2010, 10:30 am
Reviewer: vonmaurisapredator

I would urge any attractive females to avoid Dr. Von Maur's office.

I am going through a ruptured silicone implant situation, which is not pleasant. In the course of this nightmare, I learned that Dr. Von Maur has 20 malpractice suits against him. If I had know that prior to my surgery I would have never trusted him. You can go to http://www.occourts.org/online-services/case-access/ and click on Civil Case & Document Access, then accept the terms, then there are 3 tabs, click Person Search, in Last Name, type "Von Maur" in first name type "Burr" then put in the captcha code, and it will give you all of the fraud, negligence and malpractice cases (20 in total) for Dr. Burr Von Maur. You can purchase the documents if you want to read the charges against him.

He pursued me extensively while I was his patient. Most upsetting, was the first appointment after my surgery where I could drive to the office myself. Dr. Von Maur called me from his home. He told me that he had to call in sick. He said he was so upset he couldn't see me, and asked if I would consider coming to his home. I refused. There were several more incidents, all which are being noted in the medical board investigation. I learned later that he had a girlfriend the entire time. I am working on a medical board investigation, since I think my statute of limitations to sue him ran out last year. Note that you have 3 years for a malpractice suit. Your suit has to be within 1 year of the discovery (so, for me, the discovery would be a RUPTURED SILICONE IMPLANT, that was discovered last Friday, but it has to be within 3 years of the procedure, so I am out of luck on a lawsuit. If you are going through the same situation, note that you have 7 years to submit a medical board investigation, which could end up with criminal charges for the Doctor from the Attorney General.

There are many qualified plastic surgeons in Orange County. I urge any of you, if you are ladies, to seek a female plastic surgeon. I think for men like Burr Von Maur, it is too tempting when a fragile, attractive, insecure woman comes into his office. He is a sexual predator, and I am submitting a medical board investigation against him.

I am hoping that other women who have had the same experience as me will come forward, and we can all submit our experiences in one voice.

Please email me at gumbun_2000@yahoo.com if you want to compare notes.

Thanks, and good luck. I wish I had never had plastic surgery. Now it looks like I have a serious, life-threatening inflammatory disease from the silicone that has been seeping into my tissues for nearly a year now.

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Uncaring, arrogant jerk, August 24, 2009, 12:19 am
Reviewer: realitycheck10

My wife made the mistake of using this guy for her implants in 2005. She's a very fit and hardbodied 5'2" and she made it clear she wanted a modest, B cup style augmentation. The surgery took longer than it was supposed to (we were billed for the extra time) and apparently von Marr had trouble getting the implants into place due to her petite, muscular frame and she ended up with C cups. From day one her breasts were seriously asymetrical, but von Marr assured her they would even out over time. After a couple of months she went back to von Marr and expressed her concerns. The main thing was that her right breast looked totally unatural and strangely shaped, while her left was round and quite nice looking. Additionally, her breasts continued to lactate as if she had just had a baby... six months in she was still having to pack her bra with pads to absorb the leakage.

When she met with von Marr post op he was just as arrogant and uncaring as the poster above described. He acted like he couldn't care less that she was still lactating, and he continued to assert that eventually the implants would settle in and look better. To add insult to injury, he made her feel like a weak-ass complainer... something she is about as far from being as a woman can be... she runs marathons and is a physical therapist in a high end nursing home for chrissake. She's tough as nails, trust me.

Dr. von Marr even went so far as to totally cut her off in dismissing her concerns, coldly telling her that her only choices were to accept their appearance or have them removed.

I would never tell her this, but three years later I think we probably should have taken the latter course, they still look like the photos you see on the web of botched jobs, and von Marr's arrogant and uncaring post op attitude has not been forgotten by either of us.

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Amazingly Bad, May 16, 2008, 2:16 am
Reviewer: botchedbreast

At the time I had my breast augmentation, I was not happy with the outcome & the Dr. agreed the outcome was not what it should be. After the second time, it was worse! At that point, he got very arrogant and refused to admit he had botched the job again. I finally found a Dr. to redo the job two months ago and was informed that I had two different implants, two different sizes & textures and one had exploded the other was leaking. Additionally, he had lowered the fold on one breast 1" lower than the other and I had a "double bubble" on both sides, one worse than the other and the placement of the implants had migrated. He was not caring or sympathetic at all! It has cost me $16,000 so far and it is still not corrected. It will take at least one more surgery to fix.

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