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Specialist Name:   Edmond A. Zingaro
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  San Francisco
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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  (1.10 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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Botched Breast Augmentation by Dr. Edmund Zingaro, April 7, 2009, 12:09 am
Reviewer: Anonymouspatient

On November 2007, I underwent breast augmentation by Dr. Zingaro via T.U.B.A. The procedure uses the method of going through the belly button to produce a scar less breast augmentation procedure. What I was not aware of was his bad plastic surgery skills and unethical conduct which left me with lopsided breasts. I was also not aware of just how difficult it is for any skilled doctor to create symmetrical breast pockets from a tube inserted very far away through the belly button. Any mistake a doctor makes in creating a breast pocket is irreversible which will DEFINATELY require at least one but OFTEN MORE revisional surgeries adding to more money out of your pocket (At least another $8,000-19,000) depending on how complicated it is...AND because your saline impants need to come out to revise the pockets, that will require a regular incision. Saline implants cannot come out through the belly button. While all the doctors I have consulted with will do a revision for free, meaning you only have to pay for hospital and anesthesia fees, NOT Dr. Zingaro. I THOUGHT that he would keep his word and revise the aweful, grotesque results of his breast augmentation on me but he refused to do it.

At that time, I went through the typical and routine consultation and pre-operative visit. As a Model, I didn't want to go too large in breast size and opted to go from a natural B-cup to a C-cup. I showed Dr. Zingaro several pictures of how I would like my breasts to look like including slope, size, proportion to the body.

He took my measurements and told me that my nipples are about 1mm off and my left breast slightly bigger than the right. He said everyone's body is slightly imperfect and this should not cause for anything to be alarmed about since during the operation, he will make sure to compensate for the difference in appearance and the saline implants he will use is re-sizable.

After the operation, about three months later, I noticed that one breast has dropped considerably than the other. In fact, my nipples were so far apart that it was obvious when I wore a top without a bra. The left nipple was a whole inch lower than the right one. I was so humiliated by the way I looked that it became too obvious. I had to stop my entire modeling career. I could not wear any tops that showed my cleavage because it was so obvious that my left breast and my right breasts looked different in size, shape and location. I went back to Dr. Zingaro and expressed my distress. I showed him what I was talking about and I was shocked that his response was that they looked fine and that he was not going to do anything about it. His Patient Coordinator agreed with him and added that I should wait because maybe the other breast will also drop to match the other. Then, he basically brushed me away.

Time passed, my breasts only changed to look worst. I was devasted that I couldnt continue to model and lost money. Living in Hawaii and being a bikini Model meant lost of work and it was devastating. I tried for months to talk to Dr. Zingaro but not once did his Staff allow me to see him or talk to him. I was really frustrated. Instead, a woman from his insurance company contacted me and told me that she is my main point of contact from that on so that I would stop trying to contact Dr. Zingaro.

Since that time, I went to more than 20 more consultations with top plastic surgeons in California. Since then, I paid for another breast augmentation revision with another doctor since Dr. Zingaro refused to further help me in anyway. I did however get a call from the same woman from his insurance company telling me that I should stop contacting Dr. Zingaro and file a claim instead. If you don't know, if you file a claim with an insurance company about a bad breast job, you will loose because it is considered an elective surgery. If you are thinking of going to Dr. Zingaro - think twice. Do you want a bad boob job, loose $6-7,000 and pay for another revision that is even more expensive? BE CAREFUL.

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