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Dr. Mark Epstein: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Mark Epstein
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Stony Brook
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (9.93 out of 10) (95 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


48 years old and looking fabulous, March 13, 2018, 7:19 pm
Reviewer: Debmars

I have wanted breast augmentation since I was in my 20’s, but was so afraid of the pain and recovery. I had the 24 hour recovery surgery by Dr.Epstein and was amazed that I was able to lift my arms above my head in the recovery room. I am a hairstylist , had surgery Wednesday and was at back to work on Friday. No pain killers just some Ibuprofen.
My breasts were asymmetrical and Dr. Epstein meticulously corrected it by using two different size implants. They are beautifully even now!
The recovery recipe that was given to me was easy and worked perfectly. I went back to boxing 4 weeks after my surgery and I feel great. I wish I would have done it sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Epstein. I did a lot of research and he is truly the only doctor out there that does this 24 hour recovery surgery.
His staff is wonderful and very helpful.

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Happy Girl, March 12, 2018, 9:44 am
Reviewer: Happy-Girl815

I lived with extreme asymmetrical breasts for 47 years. After consults with a few Plastic Surgeons in my area - I chose Dr Epstein and his One Day Recovery. To bring me to asymmetry we went with round gummies in two diff sizes and a lolypop lift on one side. I was very surprised right after waking up from the anesthesia, I was able to lift both arms above my head. I had NO pain - NONE EVER! Of course I was sore but I was able to get dressed and do some things around the house. I chose to take a week off from work to rest. Dr Epstein is very professional - he does not make you feel rushed - he will give you all the time you need to review your options and answer your questions. He gives his patients his personal cell phone number and he promptly returns texts! So if you are considering having a procedure done - I totally recommend Dr Epstein and his friendly staff!

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So Happy with 24 hr Recovery Breast Augmentation!!, December 11, 2017, 12:36 am
Reviewer: Vibrant

I had been thinking about getting an augmentation after breastfeeding my first child, that was 17 years ago! My breast become so deflated even after the first kid, and it had always bothered me. I lost all the volume on top, even wearing push up bras was difficult because there wasn’t much to push up. But there were so many concerns, about the risks, the pain, cost, how fake I’ll look and if people know, how they will think I am really vain, going under general anesthesia, and no support from the significant other. Four kids later, I still found myself doing constant research online on the procedure and looking at so many before and after pictures. One day I heard about the rapid recovery breast augmentation and researched more about it, then discovered there was a 24 hr recovery procedure, which was different from rapid recovery. It was just what I needed. I couldn’t afford to have much down time with four children at home. I was so happy I came across Dr. Epstein’s website. I read all the reviews and looked at all the before and after pictures. His pictures showed the most natural results than any other doctors website I have seen. I had my consultation with him and knew he was the doctor I need. He took his time, addressed all my concerns and was very compassionate. My only worry then was transportation because he was about a four hr drive for me. I finally scheduled my surgery and had the augmentation done in July 2017. The 24 hr recovery procedure was amazing and I had wish I had this done much sooner. I drove there the morning of surgery. When I woke up from surgery, I felt tightness but no pain what so ever, and I was able to raise my hands over my head. I did not feel drowsy or nauseated at all from the general anesthesia! No surgical bra was needed. I went to the hotel and rested a little, then went to the mall, and had a nice dinner that evening. I was just a little swollen but it didn’t look that much different from now (5 months after surgery). The swelling never got worse. I had my follow up appointment the next morning, then drove 4 hrs home and picked up my kids from their after school activities, prepared a light dinner, got them ready for bed, and life went about as usual. I had chosen the round “soft-touch” gummy bear implants, I told the doctor I wanted to look natural and he ended up going with 330 CCs, which is perfect for me. The implants are soft and natural to the touch. I am just so happy with my decision to go with this doctor! I am amazed by Dr. Epstein’s experience and technique and I am so thankful!

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Vaser lipo of the abs, flanks, inner and outer thighs, and BBL, July 12, 2017, 11:29 am
Reviewer: MLKorn86

I had VASER lipo done by Dr. Epstein in March of 2017. I could not be happier with Dr. Epstein and the results from my surgery. Not only is he incredible at what he does, but he is very kind and caring. He was the first person I heard from right after my surgery in addition to phone calls from various nurses in his practice, who are equally as wonderful as he is. They were always available to answer any question I had throughout the whole process. His entire staff is very warm and caring. The surgery and recovery itself was a bit more than I had prepared myself for. I was very sore for the first couple of weeks, but nothing that ibuprofen couldn't handle. While I was sore and slow to move, I was able to take care of myself and my 2 and 5 year old just a few short days after surgery. I can honestly say that Dr. Epstein has pretty much changed my life. I was very self conscious and generally unhappy with the appearance of the lower half of my body, but 4 months post surgery, and my confidence is sky high and I feel amazing. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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