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Dr. George T. Boris: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   George T. Boris
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Culver City
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (4.28 out of 10) (3 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


Biggest regret of my life, August 27, 2010, 8:14 pm
Reviewer: RedPepperCat

Dr. Boris performed rhinoplasty on me on July 2004. I wish I never chose him to perform rhinoplasty on me. When I first went for a consultation, he seemed nice knowledgable but on surgery day, he seemed like a different person. He obviously didn't remember me anything we talked about regarding the areas I wanted on my nose to be fixed. He did a horrible job. The bone area of my nose is jagged, crooked and not well defined. I should mention that I originally had a large bumpy nose with a butt-nosed tip. I just wanted the bumps removed, narrow the bridge and the tip to be smoothed. Now, the tip of my nose isn't connected to the bridge of my nose. It collapsed. And nostrils are huge! I never had that problem before. One nostril is larger than the other. I didn't bother to voice my disappointment to Dr. Boris because he doesn't seem to care about his patients post-op. He didn't even call me back in for a 6 week post-op picture. I now actually avoid having pictures taken of me because I hate my nose. Whenever a picture is taken of me, I have to make sure that it's of my left side because if a picture is taken of me in any other way, then all I notice is my large uneven nostrils. Dr. Boris didn't inform me anything about how post-op would be. My cast kept on falling off of my face because my skin was so oily. I had no idea that this would happen. I hate my nose. I actually wish I had my old nose back because at least that would be easier to fix. Now, years later, I cannot afford to get a revision (and I certainly wouldn't go to Dr. Boris for a revision) and I think getting a revision would be way more complicated to do on the nose that Dr. Boris left me. I would never recommend Dr. Boris to anybody.

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Looking and feeling great!!!!, February 26, 2009, 2:15 pm
Reviewer: sportslover

I had my face lift and breat augmentatio from Dr.Boris after I was referred from a freind who just had her nose done by him. She had such an amazing result so I knew he was the right Dr. Meet with him an he was amazingly kind amd down to earth. Wonderful nursing staff. Recovery was smooth sailing and the result made me feel amazing. Since then all my family and friends have been going to him for botox..He has a great spa next store that we love. Love Dr.Boris and you will too

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MOST HORRID EXPERIENCE EVER! Poor surgery, Horrid Customer Service!! Stay Away!! , October 1, 2008, 10:53 am
Reviewer: oopsie-doopsie

I went in to recover lost years due to an accident. I wanted folds around nose lifted and corners of mouth lifted. Boris said on 2 visits his face lift would do this. He also suggests neck lift, eyes and rhinoplasty (nose was broke but was afraid of surgery on it-he convinced me would be OK). Each visit he tells you, you will look 35 when done (I looked 45 though 52).PROBLEMS BEGAN: 1. WOKE UP DURING SURGERY-GREAT PAIN! which lasted 3 hours, since then other Dr's say that amount of surgery is 8 hours or so. 2. Very Sick after surgery, they try to rush me out as need bed. I keep insisting I am just too sick, eventually I throw up about a qt. of BL00D so they let me sit in a chair for awhile. 3. Infections due to bad cuts at ears, also eyes. 4.Eyes also cut wrong, one much shorter than other so doesn't close all the way. Corneas massive scratched, complained about pain for over a week - disregarded, told put in eye drops. Had to go to eye dr. due to Boris' lack of taking serious, major problems for a month in eyes. 5. Complained constantly saw no difference to folds of nose or mouth as requested. Also have a big line under neck as pulled too tight and also show insides of throat. I used to model, now photo HORRID!I told him unhappy after 1-2 months. He said I need to wait 1 year to heal, if not happy will fix. One year - still see no face lift, I look older than before! Also eyes still weird, nose not good and neck has same issues. Now he says he can't do anything, I wanted refund to fix somewhere else. Boris ignored so I threatened to go to Med. Board & arbitration, he got a lawyer to demand I pay $5000 in legal fees to Boris or they will file a suit against me! HORRID, it is a meat market. Very charming man when he wants to sell you. Stay away! oh... also badly burned by antiquated lasers & says ice and face
eck support wraps at post op do nothing, dr's tell patients to use them just as bedside manner but have no effect, this is why I was never told to use them along with other info on post op care such as eye drops. Really a horror show, I've never felt I've been so mistreated by a doctor in my life.

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