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Specialist Name:   David A. Ross
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Illinois (IL)
Country:   United States
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  (5.41 out of 10) (5 reviews)
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Bad experience with Dr. Ross, January 21, 2010, 5:52 am
Reviewer: disappointedwithross

I should tell you that living in Chicago and with all the socialit and trend, Dr. Ross's name to come about.

However, I have to agree with the first review reagarding her tummy tuck. I too had the same experience with bulging lower abdomen when all I needed was a tummy tuck for my stretch loose skin.

I work out 5x a week at least 1-2 hours, I weighed 98-100 lbs and not a lot of fat on my body. I now hate my stomach because it protrudes in my lower area. I had gone back to Dr. Ross for my follow ups and all he said was..."Oh, maybe your fat just traveled down your abdomen" Maybe?? How can a doctor say "maybe" when he should know what's going on. I then went back and now he said, I "think" a lipo can fix that.

Now as I said before, I had the flattest stomach side view and front view except for stretch mark and excess skin. I should not have a bigger stomach now!! I don't even look good in a tight fitting dress because my lower belly protrudes and I feel like I need to wear spanx.

Now, as far as my breast augmentation. I specifically said I want under the muscle, despite of what he thought I had "enough" tissue to go over the muscle. But since he is the doctor, he inisisted and insisted and I believed him. And now I am left with unsightful breast with rippling from the top to the side, to the bottom. I went back several times for my follow up and addressed my concern.

First he said, "Oh, its just healing, I don't see any rippling." This is after waiting for almost 2 hours in the waiting room and it took him 2 seconds to see me to rush to another patient.

When I finally went back for a complaint reason, "He said, OH, I misjudged your tissue I made a mistake, I will discount your revision.

So yes, for the first reviewer, I can relate to your comp;aints for the same thing happened to me. And the second reviewer, where are your facts other than to provide your biased opinion.

For those of you who wants to see results, I can provide fact. By the way, I have also asked for my medical records and it took the office 6 months to give it to me. And on top of that, none of my follow up visits where ever noted. Isn't this against HIPAA regulation?

It's been a year since my tummy tucka and breast augmentation and you can bet I have been very patient to see if any results would change for the better but only got worse.

I will be seeing Dr. Ross for complaints on my surgery and my medical records!

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Dr. David A. Ross is one the BEST Trained Board Certified Chicago Cosmetic Surgeons, December 15, 2009, 10:51 am
Reviewer: patientofdrross

Do not believe the negative review. Just go to his site and see his results yourself and learn about him. His website is: www.thecosmeticsurgeryinstitute.com. Go to the ASPS and see if he has ever been reprimanded. Never! Dr. David Ross has a clean impeccable record!

Dr. David Ross has performed thousands of procedures successfully and exceeded his patients expectations.

If this individual truly had an issue, believe me that they wouldn't be blogging negative information rather would take it up with the surgeon and his board. And that hasn't happened. Dr. David Ross has practiced his speciality for 35 years with thousands of successful surgeries and have impacted people's lives positively. See for yourself!

This type of misinformation is down right not true and considered defamation!

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previous reviews of David Ross, November 14, 2009, 9:04 am
Reviewer: gideyup

are NOT to be believed. IF either of these incidents were true, David Ross would be out of business. Furthermore, if someone/anyone, has ligitimate complaints such as these, sign your name to it ... don't hide behind some bull shit screen name. MAYBE the comments made are by another competitor of David Ross.

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an all around unprofessional group of people, February 7, 2009, 1:51 pm
Reviewer: jahkie73

I'm writing this while I heal from my 2nd breast aug/lift and tummytuck scar revision.
Dr Ross's office is a joke. I had done my research and was looking for someone who could work with me to help me obtain to the best of thier ability the realistic results i desired. I wanted submuscular and he insisted subgladular was fine. I wanted to know about silicone and he said he wanted saline for me. I told the nurse I wanted "the smallest implants possible" and she came in with 300cc's. One of my nipples eded up a good 2 cm. lower than the other and when i woke up i had a 125 cc implant on the left and a 225 filled to 250 implant on the right. It looked ridiculous and felt like a rock strapped to my chest. I went in later and had him remove the extra 25 cc's to soften my breast a bit. even then, I was completely lopsided.
He used surgical staples to close up my abdominoplasty incision from hipbone to hipbone.the scar even went up in the center so no matter what type of bottoms i wore it would show in the center- and the scaring was absolutlely horrendous. when I went in to have the staples removed this guy who was the head surgical nurse yanked them out with such force I thought I was going to die. There was another nurse removing the staples on the other side of my body at the same time and while it was uncomfortable, she took her time with them being careful not to pull on the skin. The guy then had the audacity to say "It's not me- its you, honey" every time i said "ow" while he yanked away. I told him to just hand me the hemostats and that I would remove them myself as I am gentler with a smallmouth bass when removing a hook from its mouth. At one point they had me in the wrong room, so they led me and my drainage tube wrapped in a sheet through the receptionarea because they had construction going on. Classy.
Now I will have to write a glowing review on Dr. Samuel Logan who redid my work. I thought I would have to drive from MI to chicago to find a good PS when just the opposite is true.

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