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Specialist Name:   Stanley Frileck
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Los Angeles
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (2.14 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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a bad choice and bad decision, August 18, 2009, 9:39 am
Reviewer: phoebelol

I went to Dr.Frileck for a reversal rhinoplasty due to a few previous unsuccessful rhinoplasty, he forced me to have my upper lip reduction together with the reversal rhinoplasty , if not he won't do the nose , I was please with my previous upper lip lift surgery result and very honest it didn't look bad at all, but since I was desperate to have a nose job reversal and never thought of a result will turn out to be that bad, I agreed to it.

The surgery last for 9 long hours just for the 2 different procedures, god knows what he was doing or seeing other patients while I was on the surgery table, after awake for the surgery, the back of my head felt so painful as he wasn't using any donuts cushion like other doctor office, I was lying my head on something so uncomfortable for 9 hours.

Few day later ,I went back to the office to remove the casting and to my surprise, my nose look SO big that I never can imagine, I thought it will be smaller after surgery but it was the other way round, he told me before the surgery he wants to make it bigger so my nose will look normal, I never suspected the bigger he described was what I was seeing, he kept telling me it was due to swelling too and give it some time and though me how to do the massage exercise to have the swelling come down faster.

A week after the surgery, I began to have a horrible hair lost, I called the office and they told me sometime is normal to have hair lost after surgery, but the hair lost continue and it was scary, and just by accident when I washed my hair I touched the area of the back my head, I felt skin only and no hair, when I look at the mirror to see the back of my head, there was actually a 2x4 area matches the area when the head rested on the surgery table completely bold with no hair, that explained why I was seeing so much hair lost, that scalp area was totally damage and dead and hair was falling off, when I called the office about it, to my expectation, they denied it again and said they already have a very good surgery cushion on the surgery table.

Time go back , month after month , the result of my 2 procedures, the reversal rhinoplasty and the fat removal from the upper lip lift like never get better, the nose was so big , shape was worst then before and he lower the nose bridge, it doesn't even look good at all, and the lip was even bigger then before the fat removal, the pink area of the lip was way bigger then before due to he had opened 3 incisions on my upper lip to take the fat, the scar on the opening was so bad that it was like 3 mini balls stuff in my upper lip, my face look totally unrefined, I was so depressed and has to hide at home, I talked to Dr.Frileck from time to time to ask him what is going on with my surgery , he kept telling me to wait and wait but until today which is almost 2 years after surgery, I still look the same, I went to another Doctor to have my nose redone and now is way smaller and refine but my upper lip still very big , I will have to see another dr. for the lip this november, the whole experience with dr. Frileck was full of pain and stress and it destroyed my social life, also a waste of money as he is too expensive. I will advise those to think not twice but a lot of time if you are thinking to have surgery done by him.

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Unhappy-, March 16, 2008, 4:05 pm
Reviewer: fromla

I had surgery in this office, and had complications and problems.
The staff and the doctor, made me feel very uncomfortable.
They are rude and uncaring.
And they left me with a situation that can never be truly fixed with out -out of the ordinary scars. As I have now consulted with many other PS in regards to how I was left.
I have read on other sites about the treatment from this office, being sub standard, at a time when you really need understanding. At this office they are actually MEAN and unprofessional.
And my results are extremely disappointing....

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