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Dr. John M. Osborn: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   John M. Osborn
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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  (1.10 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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Dangerous and Incompetent Fraud, July 19, 2010, 11:57 pm
Reviewer: registerednurse

Dr. John Osborn performed three surgical procedures on me one day before his sixth shoulder surgery. He cursed repeatedly during the nine hour procedure (God damn son of a bitch, fuck, I can't do this, my shoulder is killing me, I'm so God damned tired, etc.) He sent the anesthetist home after the first few hours of the surgery (to save himself money, since I had paid in advance for sedation for the full procedure, of course--this way he could pocket some of the money he should have been paying the anesthetist,), leaving me wide awake during the surgery, terrified, and in pain for many hours, listening to him complain about how tired he was and how he couldn't get the needle through my skin, along with all of the swearing. In the end, his nurse actually did some of the stitching for him (this is completely illegal--she has no training and is not licensed to do this). She also sternly ordered him, at times, during the surgery, saying, "YOU need to take another break", at which point he would leave the room.
He made horrible visible scars on my face and, tragically, I have lost over 50% of my hair. I have worn a wig every day for six months now, even while it is 105 degrees in Sacramento. My eyebrows are so low now that I will have to have corrective surgery with an oculoplastic surgeon, and Dr. Osborn pulled down the corners of my mouth almost to my jawline. I have a huge bulge on one side of my neck, and my ears now stick out through the thick hair of the wig I am forced to wear.
Although I had previously had an MRSA infection (a superbug), Dr. Osborn refused to talk to the infectious disease specialist regarding antibiotics (and, in fact, put me on NO antibiotics), leaving me at great medical risk (since MRSA can cause heart and brain damage within 48 hours).
Dr. Osborn made ugly incisions from the corners of my eyes to my hairline, which make it difficult to close one of my eyes.
I look 15 years older than before the surgery and everything about my face which was kind of pretty or youthful is gone.
Dr. Osborn apologized for operating on me without any sedation and offered, with tears in his eyes, to refund my money, then later refused to do so when I accepted his offer.
He seems unstable, confused and possibly cognitively impaired. I believe that he is so greedy that he cannot stop performing surgery, although his physical disabilities create a situation where a nurse (not even a surgical resident or fellow) ends up doing the surgery for him.
Even if you are having a different procedure, such as breast implants, Dr. Osborn is impaired and unstable, and could harm you irreparably, as he did me.
I am a medical professional with many years of experience, and I am living with the tragic consequences of having surgery performed by a severely impaired physician.
Run, don't walk, away from The Plastic Surgery Center. Don't end up disfigured, like me.

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