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Specialist Name:   Thomas Lintner
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Georgia (GA)
Country:   United States
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  (5.65 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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BAD BAD LIPO Result, May 10, 2012, 8:05 am
Reviewer: kalf

I consulted with Dr Tom Lintner for ab/flank lipo and he recommended a little inner/outer thigh since I would be under anesthesia. He said I would regret it if not and it would "smooth out my silhouette". I regret it all right. Regret the day I met him. My ab and flank lipo was fine, but he lipo'd under the buttocks where I had not consented to. I had a very firm butt, no cellulite and did not have any creases under my butt. He gave my deep creases that extended to my outer thighs which looked horrible and very un-natural. I expressed my concerns and he blew it off, stating my age caused the butt to drop. Well, I guess I aged 20 years overnight because I now have an "old lady" butt. In addition to the unslightly creases, he created bulges under my butt because the butt was now sitting on my thighs in addition to creating wrinkles on the backs of the thighs. He said to wait and he would do a revision to "feather out" the creases if necessary. A year later, he did a revision in this office under local numbing which was very painful. This revision made the situation worse resulting in a double gluteal crease under my left cheek and a strange looking fold under my right cheek. Of course, he said to wait and see the eventual result. Six months later he did a fat transfer (again under local) which did nothing to correct the problem. Again, he said to wait and see. Eight months later, another fat transfer which did nothing.

I have seen 4 other physicians who said he was way too aggressive with the lipo and inner/outer thigh lipo should not occur under the butt cheek. Once a double gluteal crease occurs, it is near impossible to repair without significant scarring (an incision is normally required across the back of the thigh to remove the xs skin and fold the remaining tissue under to add volume) and lipo under the buttocks is considered the "Bermuda Triangle" of lipo....you just don't go there. Every competent surgeon also knows it is a mistake to try and create a crease under the butt cheek.

Two and 1/2 years later, I have gone through 3 revisions with him and have been left with a constant painful burning sensation, pain when I sit, and a hideous backside. Dr. Lintner spent about 20 minutes on each fat transfer which is probably why the transfers did not take. Fat transfers must be done using the Droplet method.
I have consulted with 2 surgeons who estimated 3 hours in surgery for the repair. Dr. Lintner wanted to do another fat transfer in June and said it would take about 30 minutes. No thanks.

This nightmare has caused me to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle for the last 2 years, since his lipo left me with not enough fat to transfer. I have had to gain an additional 10-15 lbs on to generate enough fat for the surgery I have scheduled in July. The repairs are estimated to be $20,000 for the first repair and $5,000 for any additional transfers.

I hope my experience will prevent others from making this same mistake. When we consult with a plastic surgeon it is because we are self conscience about an area. Do not let them prey on your weakness by recommending additional surgeries based on their greed. Think twice about having lipo only as a last result and I would never recommend inner/outer thigh lipo.

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Wonderful experience, December 23, 2008, 6:17 pm
Reviewer: blali

I have had a wonderful experience using Dr. Lintner for my mini tummy tuck/panni/lipo surgery. I am very happy with my results so far, even though it has only been 5 days since my surgery.

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