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Specialist Name:   Max Lehfeldt
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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  (10.00 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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Dr. Lehfeldt is an artist!, August 20, 2012, 9:41 pm
Reviewer: Queiti

Dr. Lehfeldt is my hero!  
I had just turned 40 & had to have quite a bit of gyn. surgery done a few months after my husband had passed away. I was pretty devastated & overwhelmed with my impending surgery when a friend at work suggested I get a tummy tuck at the same time! Genius! (I had lost over 150 pounds & definitely needed it!) My gynecologist was willing to work with a plastic surgeon, but didn't have anyone to suggest-Thus began my journey to find the right surgeon! I decided early on I wouldn't settle for anyone less than the best.

I almost didn't get to see Dr. Lehfeldt. He stayed late one evening to accommodate my schedule. I had already consulted with 5 other surgeons, plastic & general, Beverly Hills & not-so-Beverly-Hills.... But I had one last surgeon to meet, & even though the last thing I wanted was yet another set of "nekkid" pictures of me out in the world, I decided to keep my appointment with the man whose name kept popping up in conversation. Nurses told me things like, "Oh! He's the BEST!" or "If I ever have work done, he's doing it" or "I've seen the breasts he's rebuilt for cancer survivors. Beautiful work." Certainly high praise!

Dr. Lehfeldt's office is beautiful, welcoming & comfortable. His staff are all very friendly & remembered my name from my first visit. So many little things like that make you feel comfortable here. But Dr. Lehfeldt himself is what convinced me that he was the right surgeon! I felt comfortable with him right away. His bedside manner is incomparable. You get the impression of him being very confident in his abilities, yet amazingly humble. Dr. Lehfeldt is friendly, honest, kind, genuine & sweet, yet is able to maintain a high level of professionalism. Did I mention that he is also adorable & quite charming? (Not a deciding factor for me, but icing on the cake! ;b) And-Don't let his boyish face fool you! He is an incredibly skilled surgeon with vast experience. He took a lot of time to listen to me & my expectations & patiently explained what he could do for me along with risks & benefits. He wasn't pushy at all & never tried to "upsell" me. He just gave me options & time to consider them. I ended up signing up right then & there! He didn't know how many doctors I had already seen, but he was by far the best! It makes a difference to have a board certified plastic surgeon. His prices are competitive too!

The office coordinated seamlessly  with my gynecologist. It was easy to forget the primary reason for my surgery because I was so excited about my tummy tuck & breast lift/augmentation! That's called "making lemonade" out of my very sad lemons! Pun intended!

I am thrilled with the results of my surgery! The after care has been wonderful! I either follow up with Dr. Lehfeldt, or his P.A., Vangie, who  is fantastic. She has good attention to detail and knows exactly what Dr. Lehfeldt wants and expects for his patients. I always leave feeling good after an appointment with her. Both of them are very attentive and accessible whenever you need them, or even "think" you need them! One thing I love is the way both Dr. Lehfeldt & Vangie greet me with warm, genuine smiles & kind words.

Not only is Dr. Lehfeldt incredibly talented & skilled, he is an artist! I am thrilled at how I look & feel. He is meticulous about everything & is passionate about his work & it shows; from office environment, to business cards, to note taking, to the time taken to mark you before surgery... Not a detail escapes him. I'm just amazed by my entire experience, beginning to end.  My gynecologist is impressed with Dr. Lehfeldt's technique & work. My incisions look fabulous already! I am almost 10 weeks out & still delighting at seeing my body continue to change! I'm still learning to recognize my own shadow or reflection in a store window! For me, this has been truly life changing. I feel like my outer-self is finally beginning to match my inner-self, & I have Dr. Lehfeldt to thank for that. He, quite literally, makes the world more beautiful... What a wonderful vocation to have! I have an incredible respect for him & the work he does & feel very safe in his hands.

Some people have a "vacation jar" where you drop extra change & money until there's enough to go to Hawaii or wherever... I officially have a Dr. Lehfeldt jar! 

I can't thank Dr. Lehfeldt enough. The best way I know how to thank him is to recommend him to everyone I know & give him outstanding reviews! I have shown his "work" plenty to my friends, other doctors & their nurses. They all request his business card, which, of course, is beautiful! Check out his website, go in for a consultation, see what he has to offer! Don't wait to start enjoying your "new you"! 

Besides plastic & reconstructive surgery, he also has a MedSpa... So, you want laser hair removal, a new nose, longer eyelashes, Botox, skin care products, breast lift, tummy tuck, chemical peel or just about anything else you can think of? Yah, he probably does it!

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