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Specialist Name:   J. Michael Kelly
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Oklahoma City
State:   Oklahoma (OK)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (3.90 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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doesn't last, December 29, 2007, 6:57 pm
Reviewer: vickienan

My face lift was done 2 years ago. Although I do look different and have somewhat fair results, it isn't lasting. The doctor told me it should last 10 years. Not so....not even 2 years. I already need my eyes done again and my double chin was never really smooth so it needs to be redone. The tummy tuck was nothing more than a cut from hip to hip, skin stretched together stitched and cut. Therefore I have one spot on my belly that is flat and the rest is very fat. He told me if I needed a "complete" tummy tuck he would do it, otherwise he would just do the cut. I paid for a complete,got a partial,....no refund! The brow lift let a big gap in my scalp. It seems as if the skin did not hold to the top side and is stretching down. No papers were given to me prior to the sugery to read the "contract". I even ask if I could sign papers prior to the surgery to save time and was told that was done the day of surgery. I went in for my surgery at 6am, scared, nervous, and not prepared to read a contract, so I was told to sign and pay. The contract did not have any clause for corrections. If you don't like what you get you have to pay for fixing it, even if it was his mistake. I think that is so wrong. I went in for a check up about 6 weeks after surgery and ask to have my tummy tuck done correctly, my under chin smoothed out and he wanted to charge me $5K to do this. He should have fixed it for nothing. He is a money hungry doctor who is so out of the loop, he doesn't study up on the latest techniques. His idea of a complete tummy tuck was tucking skin under the belly button together, cut it, and done. Then pulling skin above belly button up under breasts, cutting, and stitching it. No belly buttong involved. I only got the skin under the belly button done so my tummy around belly button, and above is so fat. I hate it. My pants slip down to the ridge he cut under my belly button. It's very uncomfortable. Would I go back to him? NO WAY! He charges to much for what he does not do and then he wants to charge to fix what he didn't do or didn't do right. I am very displeased. He is so out of the loop though he will never go to this website to read anything, but if I can save one person from paying out the nose for nothing I hope I can!

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Not Finished Yet, March 9, 2006, 6:08 am
Reviewer: leeannb

When I had my surgery I wanted my breasts to be the same size. I had breast aug. about 20 years ago and wanted to have a lift so I had them removed and replaced. They are way too small, I have to wear a padded bra now. I have to pay to have them redone although I repeatedly asked him to make them the same. He said I would be top heavy--I WAS A C!!! Now I have to pay again to get the size I want. I expected to pay for the room and anesthesia but I have to pay for the implants again. He said that he is only charging me for the impants and they are $2500. I have a really great friend that works for a PS and she got their invoice--THEY ARE $800 for silicone mentor implants. Dr. Kelly does not listen to his patients...he acts like he does and then he does what he wants. He did a brow lift for me and I was very specific as to where I asked him to do them. He said he would and then he did as he pleased. I asked his nurse about it and she said he does them all like he did mine. I wanted to have my skin cut off where I had a hysterectomy for my tummy tuck, he does not do any muscle repair, he was going to only lipo it. I said CUT IT! That he did but now it needs to be lipoed to get it flat like he promised. I am not happy with him. He says it is all about me but it was about him and the money! I wish I would have read something like this before I had my surgery, I hope it helps someone else.

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