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Specialist Name:   Luis Cenedese
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (5.87 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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Unprofessional and worst experience ever from a doctor, August 21, 2013, 1:24 pm
Reviewer: lynnbb

I recently moved to NY and was looking for a doctor to administer botox. I have used botox for many years and having lived in different places, I have used doctors in Atlanta, New York, Seattle and London so I'm very familiar with the process and expected results. My appointment with Dr Cenedese is the most unprofessional and shocking experiences I have ever had in all of my years of getting botox.
I bought a Lifebooker certificate for Beaute Des Arts and went in for botox on Aug 14th. When Dr Cenedese came into the room, he asked where I wanted the botox and if I had used it before, I said my forehead and yes I had used previously. I was shocked as he immediately started talking about the dangers of having eyelid droop and there were no guarantees. He barely made eye contact with me and felt like he was doing nothing but making excuses for why I was about to get a bad botox result. Because he was going on and on about eyelid droop, I finally asked "well, how close to my eye brow are you going to inject??" He put about 2 fingers above my brow and said that far. I also asked how many eyelid droops had he had in the past to which he said about 3 in 15 years. He went on so negatively about everything that I began to think... this guy obviously does not want to give me this botox and if he does, it's going to be bad so I would be best off to just leave now. I then said well maybe I should just have botox on my frown lines instead. I began to ask him about that and he actually had left the room and went into his office which was thru an open door right next to me. I asked the question and he (very uninterested) responded from the other room. I asked a couple more questions to which he continued to nonchalantly answer from the other room. I was trying to decide whether to walk out or take my chances and finally said, let's just proceed with the forehead then.
He finally emerged from the other room, filled the syringe, lifted my hair, said he would make 4 injections and began with the first one. He NEVER asked me to raise my brow to see the muscle pull - which EVERY SINGLE doctor I have EVER been to has done. I even asked him "aren't you going to have me raise my brow". He said no - he'd seen my brow raise several times as we have been talking. I was mortified! He then put 4 injections in a row across the top of my forehead and was done.
So, if you have ever had botox, you will not be surprised that my result was AWFUL! My forehead has no wrinkles in the middle but wrinkles ABOVE and BELOW so it is freakish and extremely OBVIOUS that I've had botox. I also immediately had a very sore spot on one side which turned into a bruise about the size of a nickle. I RARELY have had bruising with botox and out of 4 injections, he managed to give me a huge bruise in one of them.
I had a Lifebooker certificate and recently did a search and found out that he has also had groupons and other discount certificates. I felt he viewed me as a waste of time because of this certificate and if that is true, then he should not be offering them! Maybe it was because I was wearing jeans, sandals and a tee shirt and had a certificate to boot. Unfortunately, he did not notice that I had a $32,000 champagne diamond on my finger and a Cartier Roadster watch which should have let him know I had plenty of money to pay for any service I may choose to have. He could have gained a client and instead, gave me the worst experience I've ever had and will now know the signs to watch for and KNOW next time to WALK instead of taking a chance.

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GREAT DOCTOR, August 31, 2010, 3:07 pm
Reviewer: LenaAA

I had several things done at dr. Cenedese's office - first i came for a chemical peel, then for a breast augmentation, and last time for a Zerona lazer - and each time I was VERY satisfied with the results! while waiting for my chemical peel i saw pictures of dr. Cenedese's patients who got breast augmentations and I was very impressed with the work. then i decided to do mine and i have never regretted about it! my husband loves my big beautoful breasts and all my girlfriends are jealous :) recently i got a newsletter from dr. Cenedese about a new fat-reduction laser and a discount for returning patients! i got the laser treatment and was happy with the results. each time i came to the office, the doctor was very nice to me, the staff was friendly, the waiting time was about 15 min. i would recommend this doctor to everyone.

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