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Specialist Name:   Scott Yarish
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Texas (TX)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (5.95 out of 10) (6 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


Mommy makeover, March 13, 2015, 3:08 am
Reviewer: Jjsheena

Had surgery 4 months ago and so happy I love my body! My husband is so happy with the outcome and he was skeptical. In fact he wanted me to go somewhere else where price was less. After having him come with me to a consult with Dr. Yarish and meeting with my patient coordinator Sheena he was also now on board. She was able to point out what they offer. I truly believe my wonderful results from Dr. Yarish were better because of my post op treatments. Big Thank you Dr. Yarish and staff. I have sent 3 people since my surgery and they are happy and thankful.

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He's a butcher- please please STAY AWAY for your own good, December 1, 2013, 8:32 am
Reviewer: Amandawhit

He completely ruined my nose. I asked for a simple change. Wanted a bump removed. And with out my permission, he broke my nose, made my nose too narrow to where it is collapsing and I can hardly breath, made a hanging comella, shortened it too much to where I look very deformed, and made the tip rounded and bulbous. I was a attractive 19 year old and now I look like a distorted person. He did all of these things with out my permission. He has done this to multiple patients. Contact me if you want pictures. 832 692 1146

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Dr Yarish Highly Recommend!, November 17, 2011, 8:07 pm
Reviewer: Joan18

I am so happy and satisfied with my breast augmentation results. I'm coming back if I decide on another procedure.

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2 Procedures, 2 times, and still horrible results, August 24, 2007, 11:45 pm
Reviewer: SoNotHappy

I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am. I wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager but, could not finacially make it happen until my my mid 30's and it still wasn't/isn't easy. I finally came up with a plan to afford the surgery only after I was so impressed w/my co-workers augmentation she had done 2 years previously by Dr. Yarish. I had met or known about other women that had this done by other doctors but, I had not been as impressed as I was by my co-workers results....Although I did not know her prior to the augmentation the results looked and felt so real that I was convinced I had to make this happen for me. I did some research on Dr. Yarish and read about his success with transgender reconstruction and how he and his staff did charitable surgeries for children in Mexico with facial deformaties. I also came across a lady that had a face lift, and another lady that had an augmentation...both done by Dr. Yarish. They were pleased but, the augmentation looked too big and too firm on this person. However; her procedure had been done 10 years ago so, I assumed that not only technology had improved but, Dr. Yarish's skills must had improved over 10 years as well. Afterall, I was finding nothing but good things about him on the internet. Well, things didn't turn out so good for me...I chose to have the augmentation and at the same time, I decided to have my pointed ears fixed that I had hated forever. The ears were an additional 2600.00 and as much as I am not happy about my augmentation and all that happened, I am even more unhappy with my ears. Not only did I end up with capsule contracture on both breasts (which is not normally the doctor's fault), I also still had pointed ears and my ears hurt when I lay on them wrong and when the hairdresser combs down and hits them. Before the first surgery for both procedures, Dr. Yarish was fully aware of my re-occuring bladder infections...even so, he had his nurse contact my uriologist to discuss details. The green light was given by both Dr.'s. Very soon after my surgery, I begin to have the hardening of both breast due to capsule contracture and my ears were still pointed and hurt to even touch or sleep on. 6 months later and another $2000.00 out of my pocket, the ever so kind Dr. reluctantly agrees to remove the scar tissue around my breasts and attempt to fix my ears...all the while telling me he thought they were much better and that they were much improved from original shape...Whatever...pointed is pointed. But, what really made me mad was Dr. Yarish and I discussed him removing the scar tissue and working on my ears again. Which I then set up the surgery dates and set up vacation time at work. And when I went for my PRE-OP visit, he then decided to tell me that he did not recommend the 2nd surgery until I had my bladder infections under control because it is thought that infections could be the cause of Capsule Contracture's. WHAT, I said....1st of all he knew about my bladder problems before the 1st surgery and didn't point out any concerns he should have had. And then, he waits until my PRE-OP visit to tell me this. I was so upset and wanted to go ahead so we did but, my ears still look like crap and still hurt....And the capsule contracture came back in both breasts. I can't blame him for the capsule contractures but, I can blame him for my ears and for not voicing his concerns about my bladder infections possibly causing capsule contractures. I knew he wanted to discuss with my uriologist but, I was never told that he thought my risks could be higher for the capsule contracture because of my infections...UNTIL I was ready for the 2nd surgery. I still can't believe that I STILL HATE MY BREASTS AND MY EARS and now have pain on my ears after spending $10,000.00 (that I am still paying on)...unbelievable....I strongly suggest a different surgeon.

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