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Specialist Name:   doctor Nasim
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  kualar lumpur
State:   (*)
Country:   Malaysia

Overall Rating:

  (3.71 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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face lift, October 9, 2010, 3:03 pm
Reviewer: bambii

well on the outcome ui wasnt realy happy the surgeon messed up my ear,s i looked like a elf the ear,s were sewn to far down my jaw line they didnt look good infact i looked alien i did contact gorgous gettaway and spoke to louise the owner of course a million sorry,s , ( but!)that didnt help you know the worst thing before i went i recieved a email from a lady in Austraila saying he had done the exact same thing ...messed up her ear,s ..i wish i had listened ..however i emailed gorgous gettaway and was told she was a one of ! hmmm ..that makes me a 2 of ...im not saying Dr Nasim is a bad surgeon but what i am saying is he did a very bad job on my ear,s so much so i had Adam in wroclaw put them right by a mini face lift as Adam explained it was the only way to correct the ear,s , trusting Adam ,as id had a tummy tuck by him i agreed and thrilled he did a fantastic job , of course Louise offered me to go back to correct this but when i sent the pictures i was appauled by her remark ... my ear,s werent so bad! and that a little cut! would correct this....(as Adam pointed out ...a little cut as she stated would not correct this ... my advice is go with who you trust ! as i was warned ... im passing this on dont go! to gorgous gettaway ... im thrilled i went to Wroclaw to have corrective surgery

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