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Dr. Alberto Jose Arguello Choiseul: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Alberto Jose Arguello Choiseul
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  San Jose
State:   (*)
Country:   Costa Rica
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Overall Rating:

  (9.94 out of 10) (3 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


The best plastic surgeon and personalized experience., August 5, 2015, 1:34 pm
Reviewer: mtefel

As a result from my 3 pregnancies, I was left with the need to have a reconstructive tummy tuck. A year and a half after having my last child, I decided that the time was right to have this procedure. Of course I was nervous just even thinking about the idea and I was very selective on deciding which surgeon was the right one for me.

After meeting Dr. Alberto Arguello Ch., this decision was rapidly taken. Dr Arguello not only has a very impressive curriculum and experience, but he is highly committed to his patients and clearly has a love for what he does. He explained very well everything, in detail, and helped me feel relaxed about it. He has been very friendly and has responded to every single one of my concerns. Moreover, he was literally a great emotional support who was accessible at all times. After surgery, he made sure I was feeling better, recovering properly and contacted me on a frequently basis. As a patient, I have felt a very personalized treatment and care by Dr. Arguello, something that is very hard to find. He is an amazing doctor, offers an impeccable care and makes you feel you are in the best hands at all times.

With such personalized treatment, on July 25, I ended up deciding on having my tummy tuck plus breast augmentation and liposuction. I am very happy and looking forward to recovering completely to see the final results. I highly recommend Dr. Arguello for any of your plastic or reconstructive needs.

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Amazing!, May 11, 2012, 2:45 pm
Reviewer: discreto

Short story, travel around the world to find someone to make me comfortable, was beside me, Dr. Alberto Arguello make my faith grow again, thats wonderful. Results? to tell you the truth I didn't care, I only expected to take the plunge, but again results was Amazing! I don't like needles, but if I have to make it again for sure I will like be in the hands of this Dr. All the process was fast, no pain, and fast recovering, scars? I cant find it myself, thats why I only have a word to describe him "Amazing".

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This is the doctor for the best care!, August 13, 2011, 7:18 pm
Reviewer: wildthingstudios

My husband was badly burnt by fire and we were afraid of finding the best care for his recovery...we found Dr. Arguello Choiseul at the Clinica Biblica in San Jose and everything was taken care of! In short, he is professional, knowledgable, up to date and progressive with his approach. We knew my husband was in the best hands. After leaving the hospital and arriving home, we've had constant check-ins from Dr. Arguello to keep him updated with my husband's recovery. Not only was his medical approach key to my husband's rapid and healthy recovery, but his sense of humor was his best medicine! We recommend Dr. Arguello for any plastic surgery or needed medical attention for dermatological issues.

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