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Specialist Name:   luis casavantes
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   (*)
Country:   Mexico

Overall Rating:

  (3.48 out of 10) (5 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


bad reaction to filler, October 31, 2014, 11:20 am
Reviewer: rick124

I developed what I now know is a granuloma reaction from the pmma injections a few years ago. It has been very difficult to find someone to help me as "Dr C" turned his back on me once he realized the scope of my problem. I still suffer from chronic inflammation and pain, even with most of the filler surgically removed (here in the USA). BTW I do not have HIV or any other medical conditions. I would discourage anyone from having this material injected in their body. Some may be fine, but it certainly was not safe in my case.

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Been going 10 year, great results, August 8, 2014, 8:19 pm
Reviewer: patcarter

I have been going to Dr. Casavantes for over 10 years for pmma, botox, laser, creams, I look great for my age, and pmma is cost effective because it's permanent and Dr. Casavantes is one of the formost experts. Never have I had an infection. If you read between the lines there are patients who do are HIV positive who guess what end up with infections when they lie about their immune system status and also don't adhere to follow up. For a healthy non compromised person, who is using pmma in moderation, zero problems in 10 years. Great Doctor.

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I am another victim of this doctor, December 28, 2013, 1:57 pm
Reviewer: martin1

I had the pmma phalloplasty procedure in 2010. Everything went fine for 3 years in 2months, then I developed severe inflammation and ulcers on the shaft of my penis. I have been diagnosed with foreign body autoimmune disease. I take prednisone daily, but my life has been destroyed by this disasterous treatment. The local steroid injections did nothing. Beware of cassavantes' forum, it is not what it appears to be. My posts were deleted and my IP banned by the so called moderators for sharing my details when I first got sick. DO NOT do this to yourself. I can not emphasize this enough. The ulcers are unbearable. I can not sleep or even wear normal clothing due to pain. If you your body reacts as mine did, you will curse the day you were born. The doctor is a sociopath and will lie to you if you ask him if others have had serious consequences. Unfortunatley I learned this the hard way and have to deal with the aftermath for the rest of my life.

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Horrible Outcome, September 8, 2012, 1:58 pm
Reviewer: MariamCL

I live with my boyfriend in California. He visited Dr Casavantes, for a penis injection with a material called pmma. Unfortunately he had the procedure done without telling be about it first. I would not have let him drive down and do this.

The result has been a horror story. Constant trips to the urologist, pain, anxiety, swollen glands and other medical complications. He was perfectly healthy before this sinister treatment. Now the doctor has his money, and he has nothing to show for it but pain and agony. It really breaks my heart. I beg you please do not visit this doctor. If he damages you, you will have a very hard time coping. He offered us no solutions, not even a refund.

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