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Dr. Gail F Gail F Mattson-Gates: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Gail F Gail F Mattson-Gates
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (1.00 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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Arrogant and Horrifyingly Apathetic, November 1, 2014, 1:17 am
Reviewer: nalableu

When I visited my MD, I immediately received my referral for surgery consultation. He proclaimed within the first thirty seconds of the appointment, "it is medically necessary that you get this procedure done. As soon as possible too. Here is your referral and you should have a fast, worry-free consultation. You are beyond qualified at 4"10, 100 pounds, and carrying 30DDDs on your poor little shoulders".

I booked an appointment with Dr. Gail Mattson-Gates in Kaiser Medical Center, in Irvine for 10/27/14 at 1:15 PM. I live in Menifee so it was a very long drive for me but I hand-picked her because she seemed qualified. Her being board-certified and a Yale graduate, I was put at ease. (Or so I thought).

After driving for about 2 hours and getting there right on time, I was forced to wait for 3 hours more. When she eventually decided to see me, her attitude was aloof and arrogant. She argued my procedure wasn't "medically necessary" and that I was "lying about [my] severe back pain for selfish and aesthetic reasons". I then informed her I attended physical therapy for a year for my back pain and that I had physical proof. She then conceitedly asked, "how could you possibly know it was your breasts causing you the pain?"

Dr. Mattson-Gates said she would have to take several pounds off each breast. I find this unjust and prejudice towards my size because I am a naturally small person and several pounds would be both of my breasts combined. To scale, however, my breasts are very large and pain-inducing for my body. She said it herself, "you should be between an A and a B cup. Your body type is very rare and inefficient". I reminded her that mine were large to scale and she scoffed, "well if you would grow a few more inches to an average size, I would help you". I am an adult and therefore I cannot grow anymore. Secondly, I do not deserve to be condescended like that.

This woman was very unsympathetic towards my condition and said, "if you still want the procedure done on the side, here's my card. But it says here, you're a light smoker. What does that mean?" Taken aback from what she just asked me, I let her know it was months since I had my last cigarette and I didn't plan on smoking ever again. She then scoffed, "even if you do qualify for full coverage, I want you to know I wouldn't even THINK of operating on a smoker. Furthermore, you didn't officially quit smoking because it hasn't been a full year yet". At this point, I was fighting so hard to hold back tears. I through the trouble to get my referral, I waited for an opening for an appointment, I drove all the way from Menifee to Irvine to see her, she made me wait three hours passed my appointment, and she treated me so badly.

Honestly, given my condition, if Kaiser Permanente really refuses not to cover my much needed surgery as she so outrageously claims, I really don't understand what I'm paying my insurance for. She has and continues to contribute to Kaiser's already bad reputation that they are so desperately trying to redeem.

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