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Specialist Name:   James Oestreicher
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Ontario (Ont)
Country:   Canada

Overall Rating:

  (7.39 out of 10) (7 reviews)
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horrible results, April 24, 2016, 7:39 pm
Reviewer: Torontobleph

I had heard great things about Dr. Ostreicher which is why I chose him as my surgeon. In fairness, we didn't talk in great detail about expectations because he was supposed to be the best. I wanted some hanging fat in the inner eye removed and a refreshed look. What I walked away with was a deeply hollowed, unnatural look. My eyes look small and beady. Even with all the extra skin before the surgery, they still looked pretty. Now, I feel I look mean. Like many people, my eyes were my favourite feature and I just hope no one notices how ugly they now look behind my glasses. My eyes are also very asymmetrical now--one eye is practically located in the eyebrow area. He cut way too much skin out. I honestly don't know how he gets such great ratings. I look at pictures of other people's results on sites like this and realself and I'm envious. I think he practices an old style of plastic surgery--one that was taught in the 70s or 80s and is now out of date. People want to preserve the fat and have subtle improvements-==not a completely ''done'' look like he gave me. Despite my disappointment, he told me I had a ''good result." I found that insulting. I'm considering injectables or even microfat grafting to the area. I'm terrified to have anything else done in case it's even worse. Please, please do your research. Look at pictures. I trusted too much. I so regret having this done by Dr. Ostreicher.

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Very disappointed, February 6, 2013, 12:57 pm
Reviewer: veryunhappywithresults

I cannot help but read these positive reviews with disbelief. My upper blepharoplasty results have been terrible. I wish every day that I could undo the damage and return to my normal eyes. My eyes were my favourite feature. I went to Dr. Oestreicher because I had done my research, and I knew that finding an excellent oculoplastic surgeon was the key to success.

I do not feel that Dr. Oestreicher consulted his exam notes before he performed surgery on my eyes. We had discussed the removal of a small fold of skin - only. Instead I received a cookie-cutter blepharoplasty - leaving me with unbearably tight and scarred skin, very hollow, rounded eyes, high creases, and wrinkled skin on the eyelid platform. My eyes are constantly tired and painful, and I have mild ptosis in one eye secondary to the surgery.

When I returned for a recheck exam, Dr. Oestreicher did not acknowledge my concerns. He examined me briefly, and concluded that my appearance looked 'surgical' - but would improve with time. This has not been the case. I have spent a considerable amount of money on consultations with other oculoplastic surgeons in the US. I have not yet had corrective surgery - as I am terrified of an even worse result.

I am glad (and envious!)that others have had positive results. Perhaps the doctor was having an "off" day - but he has ruined the appearance of my eyes - and there is not a minute of the day that I don't feel regret for having this procedure done.

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Dr Oestreicher, March 27, 2012, 3:52 pm
Reviewer: Mary11

This doctor was a Godsent. I had had a botched eye job done by a top plastic surgeon. I thought nothing could be done about it. I looked deformed. I stopped using eye make up because I didn't want to draw attention to my uneven eyes. And then I found out about Dr. Oestreicher. He did revision surgery and I look like a normal person again. I would highly recommend him. He charges less than the top surgeon who ruined my eyes.

For those out of town it might be worth a trip to get revision surgery. He is a true professional. He delivers what he promises.

I had sunk into a deep depression. He gave me a new lease on life.

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Successful Eye Surgery by Dr. Oestreicher, September 19, 2009, 9:30 am
Reviewer: BHTY

I just had eye surgery done by Doctor James H. Oestreicher, with excellent results.

Previously, I had eye surgery (blepharosplasty) performed elsewhere about 2 years ago. My previous board-certified plastic surgeon left me with a depressed, deformed eye shape: the upper eyelid skin was cut too much which caused the medial canthus (inner corner) of the eyes to sit too low. The lateral end of the upper eye lid had a thick scar and fold. The crease was too high. He had also taken too much fat out of my lower eye lid which caused it to look hollow and sick.

I was so depressed.

I worked very hard to look for another doctor by doing a lot of research and having many consultations with different plastic surgeons for almost 2 years. All of the doctors that I consulted with referred me to Dr. James H. Oestreicher in downtown Toronto.

In view of the recommendations, I booked an appointment with Doctor Oestreicher who performed the Y-To-V medial epicanthoplasty techniques on me. He also performed lateral canthoplasty on me to correct all of the problems caused by my previous plastic surgeon.

The result of the decreased epicanthal fold was very natural with no noticeable scarring. He had also released the underlying musculature from the epicanthal fold which got rid of the angry/sad, artificial high crease look.

The canthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty not only got rid of the old lump, it tightened the skin around the eye area to give me a very refreshed look. My lower eyelids now also look very natural.

In short, my eyes now have the very natural, almond shape that I've always dreamed about.

Thanks for million Doctor Oestreicher and your whole excellent medical team!

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