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Dr. Timothy Katzen: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Timothy Katzen
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  Beverly Hills
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (9.87 out of 10) (49 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


Body Lift after I lost weight through diet and exercise, March 27, 2015, 1:49 pm
Reviewer: Sharon1968

I did it! I lost 150lbs through diet and exercise. The only problem was I looked worse at 160 lbs than I did at 303lbs. I had so much excess skin between my legs and at the apron of my belly.

I interviewed with several plastic surgeons but it wasn't until meeting Dr. Katzen that I felt secure enough to schedule such a major and elective surgery. I found Dr. Katzen to
be the total package. He offered me both experience with full body lifts and a warm and caring bedside manner. I met with two of his former patients and was confident that he had the skills to remove the excess skin from my body and re-shape me into something I
could be proud of.

It's been three years since my surgery. In the beginning I gained a few pounds as my body found its natural set point and remained there. I was nervous to see Dr. Katzen again because I've had experiences with doctors being less than kind about weight gain. But Dr.Katzen was comforting and assured me that my weight gain was not only minor but normal. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon that will offer you a high skill level, a warm heart and beautiful new body....Dr. Katzen is your man!

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No more jelly belly for me, March 26, 2015, 9:22 am
Reviewer: ReneeDee49

After losing 160 lbs, I couldn't stand my hanging "jelly belly" anymore
 and was ready for the next phase of my journey. Dr Katzen was very 
professional yet so personable, too. He made me feel comfortable and
showed compassion in my after care treatment. Also, the office staff has
 been very friendly and kind. I am convinced that Dr Katzen was the 
perfect choice in my journey to a whole new me.

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Dr. Katzen is a brilliant surgeon, March 24, 2015, 2:31 pm
Reviewer: BelindaBern

I would like to first give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Katzen and his wonderful staff. I know if you read all the testimonials from his patients, you will know what makes Dr. Katzen so extraordinary.

Until you are his patient, you will definitely understand how magnificent he is. There are so many amazing things to say and write about Dr. Katzen, but I will have to make it brief.

Let me begin by saying that Dr. Katzen has made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the first day of my consultation to the day of my surgery and throughout my follow up visits. He is one of the rare breeds of plastic surgeons that truly care about your well being. He has an incredible bedside manner and is very attentive to your needs. Dr. Katzen is a brilliant doctor and surgeon. He is a gift to his patients.

I am very pleased with my results. I know if I want anything else done, I am definitely coming back, no doubt about it! I recommend my family, friends, and anyone to Dr. Katzen. I’m truly glad that I have been blessed that he is my surgeon. My results speak for itself. THANK YOU.

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I can buy short sleeve shirts now., March 23, 2015, 3:18 pm
Reviewer: KimBoss

After having gastric bypass in 1992, I thought my biggest achievement would be walking and talking at the same time. In 2007 I found myself 151 lbs lighter and ready to set my sights on removing the excess skin from my body. I lived with the skin quite some time, until I one day realized that this journey for me was not complete. I made an appointment to see Dr. Katzen; from the minute I met him and his staff, my mind was made up. When I hit the door, I felt a sense of serenity and peace. I knew I was in good hands.

Dr. Katzen walks you through every step, so there is never an uneasy feeling. His office was in constant contact with my general practitioner to make sure that I was in the absolute best health before surgery. I had surgery December 6, 2007. The staff was waiting for me and ready when I came in, Dr. Katzen was right by my side, took pictures, marked me up for surgery and off I went. My daughter was in the waiting area and they came out every few minutes to make her feel at ease. When it was all over they brought her in and gave her a run down of my vitals and a clean bill of health. I woke up 7 lbs lighter and now I have a whole new self confidence. I went home and any concerns that developed no matter how minor, I called Dr. Katzen and he called back immediately. One best thing was that I was able to donate my skin. I am blessed that my source of pain, my excessive skin, will be used as a blessing to someone else. It doesn't get much better than that.

Summer is almost here and I am actually buying short sleeves. I thank God every day for the anointed hands of Dr. Katzen, he is a true gift.

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