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Dr. Kristoffer Chang: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Kristoffer Chang
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  San Francisco
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (2.88 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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Dr. Chang's Mistakes & Lies, April 12, 2009, 3:52 am
Reviewer: vs0522

Dr. K. Ning Chang of San Francisco, CA did 5 surgeries on me, and I cannot recommend him. In the latest surgery which was re-doing a previous surgery he did, he caused more damage and operated on a part I didn't consent to surgery on. This part was perfect, and now I am disfigured. It is considered battery when a doctor operates on parts not consented to. He was supposed to do fat grafting to dents made by another doctor, but he put the fat above the dents causing more disfigurement, and now I have almost no fat left for new fat grafting to fix Chang's mistakes.

And Chang has not only not apologized, he has been giving me one lie after another, changing his lies when I point out to him how his previous lies could not be be the truth. I am thoroughly disgusted with this man. I came to him for help, my life having been destroyed by another doctor, but instead of helping me he has just made things worse. I have thrown away $15K on his surgeries, and not even one part has been fixed.

I asked him to refund my money from the latest surgery, which would be a small part of all the money I need to fix his mistakes, and at first he said he would. He said he agreed there were parts that didn't turn out well, and that I should let him know how much I thought he should give me back. But now he is ignoring my request for a refund ... maybe his lawyer told him to lie and pretend he did nothing wrong.

For the past 5 years I have worked 7 days a week just to make enough money to pay for all this surgery, and now I will need at least another $15K and 2 more surgeries to fix all his mistakes. After the first surgery you could barely see any improvement, and now this latest surgery has made me worse than before.

One problem is that he has outdated equipment, he doesn't have the newer, better machines. He also said he has not changed his fat grafting methods in 20 years, which I think is part of the problem. He hasn't kept up with new techniques to make the fat grafts last. He charges less than some other doctors, but if you end up needing 7 surgeries instead of one, it turns out to be more expensive in the long run.

He also has some very strange techniques, like he tattoos the skin when he marks it. He claims it is temporary, but I still have dots on my skin from the surgery he did 2 years ago. He doesn't think that is a big deal. So before the latest surgery I bought him $45 worth of special skin markers that should stay on through any surgical procedure. He at first said he would try them, but he never did.

Another thing is that he makes a ridiculous amount of incisions, and makes no attempt to hide them. He made 40 incisions from my abdomen to my knees. Some of the incisions were less than 1/2" apart, and when I asked him why he did that, he said that maybe he forgot he made another incision nearby. ??? And he might be able to justify making so many incisions if he needed to do that to be very precise, but he operated on the wrong parts and put the fat grafts in the wrong place!

When Dr. Chang screws up, he doesn't take any responsibility for what he has done, he just lies. At best you will get minimal results, and at worst you will turn out worse than before.

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liposuction and fat transfer caused damage, September 2, 2008, 11:36 am
Reviewer: leaf

I had a buttucks lift by this Dr. in 2001, because of prior lipo damage to buttucks (by another Dr.) which caused it to sag. THe results only helped about 20%. Another surgery in 2004 which was suppose to transfer fat to buttucks left me with deep holes in both knees, and no results to buttucks area. He charged me alot of money but only placed 40 ccs in each buttucks. I now know this is not enought fat to make a difference. He told me it was. In 2008 he attempted to transfer fat back into my knees to correct them at my request. Even after I asked him not to go near my lower gluteal crease, because that was where I sagged so much, and why he did the buttucks lift in the first place, he did anyway! I was horrified and still am, because my buttucks fell even further down into my upper thighs, because he weakened the tenuous support structure I had left under the crease. I do not think he communicates well, and I would never trust this Dr.s judgement with lipo or fat transplant. (I could not comment on his other skills).
The other thing is I think he is dishonest and overly greedy for money. He said that during this procedure he could transplant some fat to one thigh area, which had been too aggressively liposucioned by another Dr. years ago, and by a coritsone injection in my hip which left big indentation. He promised it would make a difference and I paid him an extra $500 for this for his surgical fees, (not the operatiing room cost or the anesthesiologist.) Anyway, there was nothing there afterwards. Not even the slightest bump to show a difference. I am thin, except for fat in inner and back of thighs, so not much fat should be removed cause of possible skin rippling or sagging, (I am in my 50's).... so that is why he recommended conservative removal of fat. BUt to charge me for literally nothing, and then he refused to do anything more, and also refused to refund my money when I asked. I basically think that is wrong. I would not trust the integrity of this Dr. If I can figure out how to use this site, I will post pictures of the sagging of the lower crease of my buttucks 1 and 2 week post op. I am very unhappy, because he should have known not to liposuction in an area that had already been damaged. This is commmon knowledge and I do believe did not act with reasonable care for my circumstances. I have suffered so long with this disfigurement, and then to trust a Dr. and pay him, only to end up worse is really tramatic.

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