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Dr. Donald M. Brown: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Donald M. Brown
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  San Francisco
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (1.57 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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Beware of Dr. Donald Brown, May 16, 2007, 11:10 pm
Reviewer: sang01

Please anyone who is thinking about getting plastic surgery by Dr. Donald Brown in san francisco - don't! I experienced some very unethical practices in his office, not to mention being yelled at while swearing by Dr. Brown because he was frustrated at what his office had done to me for my surgery. Not to mention that the whole procedure(pre-op) and (post-op), was not done correctly at all. There was so much information and consultation information that was left out, it eventually led me to have a second surgery that he would not do free of charge when it was him and his staff's fault!!! (I went and got 3 other opinions on my results and all plastic surgeons stated that it was definitely a techinical error- his fault). The only reason I got my second "fix" surgery by him was becuase I had to beg for him to give me a discount because he was blaming my body for the mistakes that his staff did - I couldn't believe it! All other surgeons were going to charge me $5,000 and up which I couldn't afford. He makes you feel very uncomfortable and I couldn't believe how unprofessional that whole office and experience was. I am reporting him to the national plastic surgery board. Don't say you were not warned!!!!!!

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