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Dr. Calvin M. Johnson: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Calvin M. Johnson
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  New Orleans
State:   Louisiana (LA)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (1.00 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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Botched Rhinoplasty, January 8, 2019, 10:41 am
Reviewer: Kim895

Dr. Calvin M. Johnson is the most intentional deceptive Doctor that I have met in my lifetime. Dr. Johnson uses mainly the mirror examination during his consultations, this technique should mainly be used for soft tissue changes, such as a Facelift, it is not an effective tool for an Implant or Rhinoplasty. He does this, so as a client, you can't be objective looking at yourself in the mirror. But,you can be objective by looking at a photograph of yourself ,and with computer digital imagery. You look totally different in a photograph compared to how you see yourself in a mirror, and it is a result of science and objectivity. Dr. Calvin Johnson knows this fact, and takes advantage of this scientific principle. He especially takes advantage of this fact after surgery, that is why he does not show you pictures of yourself after your surgery, so you can't evaluate the changes he has made, he does not want you to look at the end result, that way you will not be objective after surgery. He trains his staff, and has trained Doctors at Hedgewood Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic to follow this practice. This is a deceptive technique he uses to avoid liability, and responsibility for his actions.
Computer digital imagery, two and three dimensional, and pictures of previous patients are communication tools, that the best ethical plastic surgeons use during a consultation. If the pictures are actually of former patients of your doctor, they will show you the skill level of your surgeon. Computer digital imagery will communicate the desired outcome both you and your surgeon hope to obtain as a result of your surgery. These communication tools confirm that you and your surgeon are on the same page, as to what you want for your achieved outcome. Dr. Johnson offered neither computer digital imagery, nor did he offer pictures of previous patients when I had my surgery. Those two communication tools are essential for a thorough consultation, and to avoid miscommunication. Dr. Johnson lied to me before and after my surgery a minimum of five times. Digital Imagery is only a communication tool, but it prevents major mistakes and miscommunication, like he made during my consultation, and on my face. Dr. Johnson misunderstood the shape I wanted for my nose, and completely gave me the opposite shape that I wanted. The reason he made this inexcusable mistake, was because the consultation was intentionally not done properly, and therefore he failed, and I suffered the consequences of his inept consultation.
My suggestions on how to deal with corrupt Plastic Surgeons, and not let them take advantage of you during a consultation are based on my poor experience. Always research plastic surgeons on the internet. When calling to make an appointment, ask the receptionist if the office has computer digital imagery,and before and after pictures of clients of your gender, if they don't, do not waste your time, don't make an appointment. A lot of people are using their own apps, and shaping their own changes with their phone or their computer, and then bringing in the results, which is a very good idea. Don't show your doctor your desired outcome until he shows you what he thinks will be the best outcome for you on his computer. If you are having Rhinoplasty, find out how many cartilage grafts the doctor is going to use, if any, from your septum to reshape your nose. Usually only three grafts can be taken from your septum, then you are out of cartilage, unless it's taken from your ear, or a rib, which you want to try and avoid. The less cartilage the doctor uses, the better, because you might need the remaining cartilage for a revision, if necessary. Rhinoplasty is usually considered a one time shot, with little success with revisions, and that is how you have to approach this process, which is why you and your surgeon need to be on the same page, and very clear on the preferred outcome.
Unfortunately, when a Doctor chooses money as a priority,and tries to avoid liability, like Dr. Johnson, then that doctor is not focused on your best interests. When a person lacks ethics, like Dr. Johnson, he is thinking of what is best for himself versus his patient's well being. Dr. Johnson has negatively influenced plastic surgeons, through fellowships, which makes it harder for consumers to find a surgeon who has integrity. There are enough unethical people in society, Dr. Calvin Johnson does not need to teach other doctors how to mislead, lie, deceive, trick, and cover up mistakes, just so that they can make money and avoid liability for their actions. The only way consumers can hold Plastic Surgeons accountable is by pointing out the unethical doctors, like Dr. Calvin M. Johnson, and reward ethical doctors, through reviews, who are going to make decisions based on their patients best interests.

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