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Specialist Name:   James Apesos
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Ohio (OH)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (5.70 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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Review, December 30, 2011, 10:06 am
Reviewer: bzr4444b

I had a proc. done by Dr. Apesos when in my early 20s. I had the same experience other people have written where he seemed uncaring ,told me what proc. needed to be done, cost, and nothing else. The results were extremely unsatisfactory & what he had done to my face resulted in asymmetry & insufficient support where my nose has now collapsed. After I told him I was unhappy w/ the results his comments were he did what I wanted,I’ll get used to the results,& I didn’t need anything done in the first place! Maybe its just my principles but if I was the doctor and believed a patient didn’t need a procedure I would 1st tell the patient they did not need this prior to surgery and 2nd refuse to do the surgery! Dr Apesos absolutely ruined my face and life. My advice to people considering surgery is thoroughly research the proc. & risks as well as the doctors themselves. BTW the pics shown on Dr Apesos’s website are the EXACT same pics he showed me over 10 yrs ago. Do not believe his claims to be an expert in whatever procedure you want on your body. He may be at a few proc. but no dr has the expertise of the entire body. It takes many yrs and surgeries for a dr to be considered an expert in just 1 procedure. There’s a huge difference b/t qualified vs. expertise. Do your research and if there is any question a dr does not have your best interests pre-surgery, what makes you think they will have your interests during and post surgery.

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One of the best in the area, February 20, 2007, 11:21 am
Reviewer: katypw

Dr Apesos is a very talented Dr. I am so happy with his technique.If you want skill, this is the surgeon I would pick.

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