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Dr. Ronald E. Iverson: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Ronald E. Iverson
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (3.77 out of 10) (6 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


HIS LICENSE MUST BE REVOKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, January 26, 2013, 2:45 am
Reviewer: SkinC

This doctor messed up my breast augmentation twice and also messed up my nose job/ rhinoplasty twice. He also had the nerve to charge me again for the revision !!!!!!!! He caused me to have internal bleeding because he did NOT cauterize the blood vessels right. He also gave me a bump on my nose that I never had before the procedure!!!!!! I also fainted in the recovery room after the procedure and the last thing that I heard his nurse say was "Should I call 911?". I was going to sue him but there were a lot of things going on in my life at that time and it has already passed the statute of limitation to file a lawsuit. This doctor is old. I am not sure if he is still alive but if he is NOT, I will have the peace of mind that he can no longer mess up anyone else !!!!!!!!!!

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Good Service and Honest, October 18, 2009, 8:45 pm
Reviewer: firstps

I have never had PS and was very scared about getting lipo done. Iverson was the first doctor I made an appointment, and was very happy with the price and suggestions. Yes, his Pleasanton office decor was out of date, but it was clean. If you feel better in an up to date office, then visit his Danville office, brand new and modern. However, to me it is not how expensive their decor is, or how fancy their office looks. What is important to me is experience and skill. Dr Iverson answered any question I had and made suggestions, as I was a first timer. I felt every good leaving his office. Dr Iverson's is an older gentlemen, but knows what he is doing. Is is to the point and gets the job done. I'm very happy with my experience. I made another appointment just for comparison with another local doctor, and he was twice as much in price and doing less areas. He had a nice office but he had just graduated in 2005, that made me very nervous. I am now 4 days into my post-surgery and the brusing is very light, I'm looking forward to my final results.

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Weird Vibe!, July 25, 2008, 11:19 am
Reviewer: luckynewme

I had only a consultation with doctor Iverson, but I picked up a lot of weird vibes.
During the consultation, he had this cynical smile. He didnít take the time to educate me about the procedure; instead, he was just answering any questions that I had.
The office has this antique old-dark look. I was taken into his office which looked like a historianís office: the old dark tall bookshelves, the wall of fame full of certificates and good stuff about him, and the antique dťcor. I just didnít feel like I was in a doctorís office. He leaned against his desk like 1-2 feet away from me, and just stood there to answer my questions. His staff are polite and courteous but again itís the office atmosphere that just didnít quite make it for me along with the weird vibes I picked up from this doctor.

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I'm happy so far!, April 2, 2008, 3:14 pm
Reviewer: amanismommy

I didn't see this site before I had my surgery.. maybe a good thing, because if I had read those reviews I might have backed out! I had a tummy tuck w/lipo 4 weeks ago and so far I am very pleased with my results. I am still swollen but I know that is completely normal. I thought Dr. Iverson was very professional and experienced, and his staff is very friendly.

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