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Dr. Stephen Evangelisti: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Stephen Evangelisti
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (6.24 out of 10) (16 reviews)
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BOTCHED BREAST IMPLANT, March 22, 2017, 5:30 pm
Reviewer: tcowlmom

VERY noticeable difference in breast size. One is normal while the other is extremely hard, both placed far apart, just like the valley between Tori Spelling's! Evangelisti said it's due to my anatomy. Funny that my natural breasts had cleavage. I returned each week to have dark (old) blood drained due to encapsulation. Evangelisti and nurse once again attributed it to my anatomy and refused to repair HIS botched work. FIND ANOTHER PRACTICE. Should you have any post op difficulty, you'll likely receive the same great compassion. You've been warned.

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Successful Breast Reduction, June 14, 2014, 9:29 pm
Reviewer: njb14624

In April 2014, Dr. Stephen Evangelisti, performed my bilateral mammoplasty (breast reduction). From the day I first walked into his office, for my initial consult, to my final post-op visit, he and his staff treated me with the utmost kindness, courtesy, and professionalism. He was very thorough in explaining not only the procedure, but also the aftercare and limitations he set for me, in order to promote optimal healing. He answered all of my questions before and after my surgery. My surgical experience at Westfall Surgery Center was very pleasant and the staff there did a superb job taking care of me. Dr. Evangelisti met with me at the center on surgery day and made sure that I understood exactly what he would be doing. Not only was my surgery a complete success, but Dr. Evangelisti exceeded my expectations for resizing and resculpting my breasts, to a vision that is far more complementary to my body frame. I experienced no post-op complications and I'm happy to say, that I am well on my way to healing, both physically and emotionally. I no longer have those embarrassing, self-conscious feelings of being a freak of nature, due to over-sized breasts. I chose Dr. Stephen Evangelisti to perform my surgery, at the recommendation of a former patient, and she was right on.

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Unprofessional Experience, January 4, 2011, 7:37 am
Reviewer: sugarshack

My first impression of this shabby chic office and admin personnel was that they were very unprofessional and possibly family members the dr was keeping employed, but I was OK with that because he had come highly recommended to me by some of my health care colleagues. I used the "nurses network" to choose him. My friends experiences, however, had been 10-12 years ago. My consultation and preop appt seemed to go fine, My surgery started about 2 hours late and finished in 2 hours. My post op course seemed to be going fine(minimal discomfort) until 5-6 weeks when I developed extensive inflammation, redness and soreness. Dr E told me I had a "neurological disorder" and he couldn't help me. His office did not appoint me for any more follow up on his apparent instruction, and did not return my calls with info on where I should continue my followup. I had to return to my primary who had me followed by a dermatologist and another plastic surgeon in Rochester. My recovery took longer because of a reaction I had to the suture material breaking down. I was told this sometimes happens and resolves with time, odd, Dr E didn't have that knowledge base. The reassurance provided me by Dr A and Dr D helped me get through that tough time when Dr E had simply abandoned me. I have one breast that is a cup size smaller and different shape than the other. When I pointed this out to Dr E he became defensive and told me he "does surgery that looks great in 6 months not now". The more defensive he got, the more I felt he saw something wrong, too. He does not seem interested in what you think of your results. His demeanor is belittling and minimizing of your concerns. It's now 7 months post op and I am still a cup smaller on what used to be my larger side. The inflammation and discoloration subsided at around 5 1/2-6 months. I went to Dr E because of experiences my friends and colleagues had many years ago. I would seriously consider someone else as I believe he has become burned out or is just apathetic which is not apparent until your post op course deviates from the norm. As a critical care nurse, myself, for 22 years, I believe every patient deserves the best care and to be treated with respect. Some patients we may connect more with than others but all deserve the same care!

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Pocketing consult fee and refusing to answer calls or emails, November 22, 2010, 3:10 pm
Reviewer: waverush

I hope you're enjoying your three-hour lunch and all of those consult fees, Cindy and friends.
These people refuse to answer emails, and keep their out-to-lunch answering message on ALL DAY. The answering service does not even take messages, so if you want to talk to these silly girls, you had better march on down to the office yourself.
It's a shame, because I was ready to schedule with Evangelisti, because he's a good doctor. It's a shame that his employees are smearing his good name because they can't be bothered to do their VERY simple jobs.
What this is is a fee-pocketing scheme. Take the $100 consult fee, and even when the patient calls several times, sends 3 emails, and BEGS for a response, do not provide one. Why snatch $100 when you could have been paid in full for the actual operation?
If you cannot handle the very easy task of handling the telephone and emails, you are certainly NOT qualified to even take my temperature.
Absolutely class-less and inexcusable behavior. Thank God I didn't schedule with this circus.

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